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POETIC ANGLE: The Change Mantra By Ufuoma Okion .O.


That is the name they came with

That mantra of change,

That change formula

That would take us all to d Eldorado

Eldorado of eternal blessings/bliss

Bliss unrivalled and devoid of corruption

Bliss like no other seen in Nigeria

That uncommon bliss we had dreamt of

Yes that they promised with fanfare

On streets, Villages, towns, cities and states

It was that sweet songs of change

Two years, going to three down the drain, excuses

Excuses has taken the sweet songs

Lies our new companion

Corruption, o corruption now a family

Yes. a family affair for settlement

Settlement under table and

Our Anti graft brother boast everyday

In the same government of change

Where every sector looting pervades

Yes pervades and oozes every day

Corruption now a way of life

Among the so called changers

Looting our whole patrimony dry

Hunger to us in place of bliss

Yet lies all over of zero treasury

As cause of Our hunger

We recover so much we told from looters

Yet running our country in to Debt

Yes debts with borrowing

What a change, what a deceit

What an APC, what a govt of deceit and lies

Some said they promised restructure

Others said we never Promised

Arguments of lies upon lies

Such is now their trade

Oh what a truly grand change



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