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Plot to remove Saraki thickens as billions of naira flow into senate


ABUJA- The moribund plot by the cabal in the presidency and Mohammadu Buhari to push out the Senate President from his exalted position to pave way for a rubber stamp Senate President seems to have been rekindled if the meetings, consultations and several billions recently moved into the Senate is anything to rely on.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the twin plot to remove attack was rekindled and arrived at several weeks ago following the Buhari Government inability to place Saraki Politically as no one with exactitude can point out the way Saraki is heading Politically come 2019 as he and his ardent followers have been able to keep their plots secret coupled with the Buhari’s executive perceived fear and perceived antagonism from Saraki.


According to Daily Watch investigations, the Presidency apart from the famed CCB trial which from all indication has failed to dent or stain the Senate President’s name to the extent that mobilization would have made it possible to ease him out, the President had carried out an audacious but discreet probe of all transactions, contracts, properties and investments of the Senate President, family and friends looking for materials or issues to tie the Senate President down using the NIA,DSS, close and trusted  friends of the senate President who opt to sell out but little has been gotten making the Senate President either a very clean man or a man with acumen in hiding all his secret deals.

Daily watch Sources  in the NIA confirmed that So far the only thing discovered seem to be an undeclared property which was  also part of the CCB trial for which the President and other Security bodies have filed  letters and  others to their foreign counterpart to seize and carry out investigations on as a property of illicit source hoping that such foreign probe and maybe  seizure would elicit high powered condemnation in the country and steer up angst against the senate president even in the Senate to an extent that with little push financially many more Senators would be swayed to the side of the anti Saraki forces to push him out.

Daily Watch finding confirmed that already, several Billions  have  been moved to the accounts of a serving Senator from Nasarawa state Abdulahi Adamu who this time seem to be one of the arrow heads of the pro impeachment Senators with the other from Lagos.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that despite series of meets, consultations and several millions as inducement the anti Saraki group are still finding it hard to cut into the pro  Saraki’s  group who are mostly die hard and peopled also with die hard PDP members who are said to be hell bent on backing Saraki to the end and also with men like Dino Malaye who many anti Saraki’s Senator now accused of been on Oath with Saraki following his unwavering stance to back Saraki even if it meant the only one in the whole Senate doing that.

Daily Watch Sources in the Senate Confirms that though several Millions and consultations are still ongoing the Pro Saraki’s group are trying to play along with the intent of gathering information and dossiers that they would at the dying minute use to accuse the Government itself of wholesome bribery and looting in spite of their acclaimed anti corruption posture.

Daily Watch confirmed that the Senate President seem unperturbed with all the plots as he is described by many close to him as a crafty, ruthless, intelligent and great  player who has become adroit in the political game of subterfuge and political dexterity as against the temerity and political daftness of those going for him.

How the situation would play out would be known days from now when the foreign country would either do Nigeria bidings and go for the property in question thereby giving the anti-group arsenals to pursue their game plan or fall into Saraki’s group subterfuge to gather information, dossier and show the world that those who claim sainthood are really into looting, deceit and bribery.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to Abdulahi Adamu APC Nasarawa whose name is a re-occurring decimal in the plot in which several billions has been earmarked for was not feasible as at the time of running to the press.


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