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Plot to ease out HOS Eyo Eta crashes




*As secret investigations by DSS, EFCC, NIA and Police hit brick wall


ABUJA- comprehensive and well cut out plot o sack the country’s Head of Service Madam Eyo Ita has finally run its course and hit the brick wall as all comprehensive investigations gave the amiable lady a clean slate.

The Comprehensive plots which was conceived and launched from the seat of Power on the authorization of the chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari was to cover all aspect of the HOS life with the simple intent of gathering ant dust that can be used to nail, disgrace and then sack the lady but shockingly to those who hatched the plot, the result was a massive brick wall as nothing of any criminal value was found  pull through their plot.

The investigations which was done separately by different security arm of Government (the DSS, Police, NIA and the EFCC)went through the HOS village to look out for structures or properties, her families and friends etc but  got nothing locally or foreign to hold on to as the lady’s life was said to be free from any traits of corrupt enrichment or doctored certificates which were the targets of the investigations.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the lady’s friends, families etc were not left out in an attempt o get any dirt in form of payments, contract etc but all ended in naught as the lady is said to have lived a clean slate from her start of service till date.

The Plot which was as a result of what the Cabal in the Presidency termed her outspoken nature and expose during investigations on the Maina reinstatement saga wherein she came out to say openly that the memo wasn’t from her office and that she warned the president thereby putting a lie to the whole story that the President was not privy to Maina’s reinstatement when in truth he was continually and continuously briefed on all steps in the Maina saga.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that reports of all investigations was submitted two weeks ago and was a complete shock to those that commissioned the reports as they were so sure of getting some dirt corruption wise which would have been used as the yardstick to ease out the hardworking and higly disciplined head of Services of the Federation.

Attempts to speak with the Amazon in question on the secret investigations with intent to sack her met a brick wall as those close to her said she by virtue of her position cannot speak to the Press.


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