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Plot against Saraki intensifies as pro-Buhari senators pull forces



       *Mace theft was staged with Presidential nod as Foreign Govt., gets nod to join fray

       *Saraki’s Aides, wife, families under unrivaled investigations


Senate President Saraki

ABUJA-The plot to remove and disgrace the Senate President from his exalted Position which started right from the first day he became the senate President seem unabated as the presidency and some renegade Senators are said to be intensely in league to oust the Senate President and also disgrace him by putting him on trial.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that over eight meetings in one Week was help by some renegade Senators with the National Security adviser and two members of the Presidential cabal with the sole aim of getting Saraki out of his exalted seat before Oct and the first step of that meet was the failed ploy to cause confusion in the House when Senator Omoagege with Several thugs stormed the senate Chamber through the Presidential gate  with the main ploy of creating confusion and fight in the Senate but which failed to sail through as they were not opposed and by that simple God made route failed to achieve their aim of creating chaos in the National Assembly which would have been capitalized by the renegades to hold a self-styled sittings, impeach Saraki and claim to have a New Senate President who would have been immediately recognized by the Presidency and by so create a two senate presidency with one backed by the Presidency and a lobby intensified to win more Senators to their camp using Federal might,money,2nd term ticket Bribe and finally blackmail.

But for the refusal of the Pro Sarakis Senators to wage a fight or war over the entrance of the thugs led by Omo Agege the plot failed to fly necessitating three meetings within the time of the plots failure to yesterday on the next line of action.

Already, it is confirmed that a war chest of over 2 billion was released two Weeks ago for the anti Saraki’s plot which is divided into three stages and level. While in the Senate exist a group which was banned but secretly still meeting by the Senate President with the Suspension of Senator Omoagege, there is the Security group  said to be headed by the National Security Adviser whose mandates include using the DSS,NIA etc to investigates all business deals of the Senate President, his wife, Aides and associates to see if any financial dealings that is unusual can be picked that would be useful in dealing a good blow on Saraki, already, the Federal government is said to have put out high powered Security alert and letter to the USA and uk about some supposed Properties of Saraki which they the Federal Government has termed as Proceeds of Crime that must be seized as a way of not just to embarrassed Saraki but staged a foreign investigations on the Senate President.

The third phase is the massive use of the media to steadily create a negative picture of the Senate President as a fraud, a thief and the head of a looting Senate so as to create a negative Picture of him before Nigerians.

Daily Watch attempts to reach to the Senate President on the plot and supra plots against him was responded to by his media aide who described the whole gamut of plots as one bound to fail as the Senate President cannot be cowed or removed through the instrumentality of the executive but by the same sets of Senators who elected him only if they are discontented with him and his ability to lead but not through any other shenanigans.


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