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Pity! How Presidency/Northern Governors Killed Multi-billion naira Almajaris Model Schools


*Prefer the Alamajari system to  the  Tsanaya Model system
Jonathan spent billions on.

*Converts schools to elitist school for the privileged

Almajari model schools initiated by former President Jonathan now abandoned by Buhari/Northern governors

SOKOTO- Shock, unbelief, disgrace and sadness was how to describe the appalling
state of the several multi-million Naira Tsanaya model school projects
initiated and completed by the Goodluck Jonathan administration to take
Almajaris off the streets in the North.

The Tsanaya Model School Projects which was initiated by the
Government of Goodluck jonthan as an antidote to the Problem of
Educational backwardness of the Northern Part of the Country and also
to phase out the disgraceful Almajari system of slavery in the
Northern Part of the Country as against what is practiced in other
Muslims Country in the World have totally been bastardized and allowed
to die a natural death by the Presidency and almost all the state
Governors in the Northern Part of the country who are said to be
enjoying the present system that makes them and their children the
lord and elites in a north totally impoverished educationally and

The idea of the School which was bone out of the intention to wipe out
the Almajari system where under aged children are made to roam the
streets begging and eating virtually from the dustbins and also learn
the Islamic Education and for which the Federal Government Under
Goodluck Jonathan spent several billions to execute after sending the
then Minister for Education  and her Minister for state for Education
Professor Rukayatu and Wike plus several delegations to Indonesia to
do an understudy of before its replication is today none existing as
the leaders and powers in the North has  intentionally not only ruined
and totally destroyed the laudable initiative that would have seen the
North by today without the Almajari but directly supported the present
disgraceful Alamajari system for their own selfish and personal

The School Prototypes which were built about four to six in diverse
Northern states incorporated the curriculum of the modern
Educationanal syatem   blended with Traditional model of Islamic
Educational system with the most modern facilities which included
Recitation halls, classrooms, Vocational Workshops Dormitories, and
Staff Quarters, Dining Halls, School Clinics etc in which the Federal
Government Under Goodluck Jonathan blew well over 15 billion Naira on.

The wonderful Projects which today was expected to have been not only
replicated all around the North but cleared her of the menace of the
Almajari and up the North Educationally to the level of the South was
stylishly and intentionally killed and destroyed by the Present Buhari
Government and almost all the State Governors in the North who Prefer
the dirty and shameful Alamajari system all over the North for their
religious and political dirty job as against and Educated Northern

A daily Watch visit all over the Northern State to the schools that
was then a cynosure of all eyes was as shocking and disgraceful as
there come.

In Talata Mafara Local Government area of Zamfara State the school has
been fastly converted to an Elitist Command science School where not
one single Alamajari can attend as against the original purpose for
it. At Damba same school there had been converted to Government Girls
School by the State Government.

In Sokoto state where a Former Speaker who was part of the idea of the
school initiation team and heads the lobby and budgeting for the
Projects now seat as a Governor one would think there would be a
diffrencer but far from it as  the Tsanaya model School that started
with 260 pupils   only had ten pupils, lacked teachers and totally
neglected that many would weep for the disgraceful sight that the
schools in Sokoto has become under Tambuwal who spoke glowing then
when the Project was mooted and Initiated,

In Bauchi state where six  of the schools were located Daily Watch was
shocked to see that the schools operates under the PTA formant as gthe
state Government has totally drooped all affinity with the laudable
projects to clear the North of the Alamajari menace.

In Benin Kebbi Tudan Wada Area Students are Daily Sent out to go
begging for alms which was the same menace in the first place that led
to the establishment of the School.

Daily Watch foray all over the North same situation replicates itself
with the school either left to root or the Government allowing same
children to go out begging as against the idea of the establishment
which was based on the Indonesia noble model thatv has seen Indoniasia
as one of the greatext Muslim Country in the World.

Daily Watch spoke with the Zamfara Education Commisioner on why a
lofty and noble programme in the level of the Tsanaya Educational
model was intentionally killred by the Buhari Government and the
Northern Governor who didn’t even budget Educationally for the schools
and incorporate all local Alamajari to the Model schools to stop
Alamaji on the street but his response was as shocking and disgraceful
as the aborted project.According to  Muktar Lugga Zamfara Educational
Commisoner “’The schools are been converted because it is better to
convert them than allow them rot away”.

This same idea was prevalent all over the breath of the North were it
seems the elite and people take extreme delight in the poverty,
educational backwardness of the North for their personal gain and
political usage as epitomised by the Administration of Buhari and
all the Northern states governors.

Daily Watch attempts to reach top presidency sources on this
disgraceful scenario was not possible as everyone spoken to opt to be
mute for fear of not incurring the wrath of the powers that be in the
seat of Power in Abuja




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