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PHOTOS: Gbekebor Pelekoro aged women pay royal visit to king of the forest

Pelekoro feast aged women of Gbekebor visits King ofthe forest (Bounanawei) at his palace in Warri

By Steve Seigha, Warri

It was a beehive of activities yesterday at the Warri Palace of His Highness, Godday Smith (aka Bounanaei, King of the forest) as selected women from Gbekebor Pelekoro Masquerade feast paid a courtesy royal visit  which commemorated with cultural dancing, drumming and singing at the palace.

The women mainly aged grandmothers least one is 70 years and above visited their spiritual king and husband who goes by the most revered title Ogrumaseibou, the ancient deity of Gbekebor community.

King of the forest ( Bounanawei) and the Pelekoro women

Leader of the women  Mama Fionkereabofa  Ekparabou  told the audience that  ”We came to see our spiritual father, deity and husband) to give their support and loyalty at the same time receive his blessing for and on behalf of the Gbekebor community. Bounawei has protected the community both physically and spiritually. We deemed it fit to come to salute and express our loyalty to him ’’ she said

King of the forest, in his response, thanked the aged mothers for their visit. He said they have done well and they would be blessed as well as their children and grand children for honouring the deity with a royal visit.

According to him, ”In the physical world, I am not up to your children, but in the spirit realm, I am your deity as I represent the gods on earth. This is an ancient Ijaw culture which has been in practice from the ancient time. I am the ‘Ogrumaseibou’ of Gbekebor and I remain your faithful husband and deity which power shall protect all of you,  your children children,others present here  for long life and prosperity’’ he poured libation on the floor to the deity.


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