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Pension Thief: How Maina Blows over N2Billion for Reinstatement and Promotion




*Penciled for APC Candidate for 2019 in Bornu.


*Already collected 22 million and looted several millions as Director.



ABUJA- While many Nigerians are still in shock how Abdurrahman Maina most wanted pension thief got his way back not just to the country but the esteemed position of acting director Human Resources department of the ministry of Interior as more shocking expose awaits them.

Daily Watch investigation confirms that the Maina gate is a broad concept and plot that involved not just the Minister for Interior or Dambussa who himself has diverse panel reports over diverse looting in the ministry of defense over contract deals in the 144 military hospital for which he was sent packing from the Army hanging on his head to his blowing several millions of Dollars to buy a eyr popping mansion in Boston united states of America for which the Nigeria government seem bent on covering up in spite of evidences in the public domain.

According to our Investigations, Maina was lured back by the minister of finance and the Director of the State Security services who are said to be the main men in the Maina Saga for him to become the governorship candidate for Bornu state under the All Progressive Congress.

The plot which saw Maina sowing financially to the tune of almost two billion naira was said to have been done with the help of the Director of the state Security Services, Minister for Interior and Abba Kyari the chief of staff to the President.

The deal which involves Maina doling out over 2billion naira of his loot to the trio and getting himself not just re-instated but getting over 22 million as his entitlements for the period he absconded from his duty post as a result of the Economic and Financial Crimes commission Manhunt also involved the anointing of a APC governorship candidate by the Cabal in the Aso Rock to take over from Governor Shttima who the President is preparing to go for Presidency if his health becomes a draw back.

Daily Watch team also confirm that Maina in his few months after reinstatement and promotion has approved shocking sums as allowances for travelling and several contracts for which he has commenced looting of the Interior Ministry to aid his 2019 governorship plot which is not a secret among to APC leaders in the Country.

While Daily watch crew cannot confirm if the President who has directed the Sack of  Maina from the Civil Service would go the full hug to relieve all those involved in the Maina saga as they are all trusted group in the Presidency ,what is certain is that the President is totally aware of the full details of how Maina gained entry into the services through his trusted and protected friends and  would be shocked, if the President be bold enough to go the full hug in the total investigations and exposure of the Chief of Staff and the Minister of Interior who are said to be the major mastermind of the whole Maina gate Saga.

Already Maina is said to have gone underground after tip off from the State Security Service  a night before the EFCC stormed his Kaduna mansion  as he is always before the expose of his reinstatement   under the Protection of the State Security Service which placed under Maina convoy over twenty officials of the DSS but why the EFCC stop shot of breaking into the many Mansions of Maina as in the case of Many others to pack out the millions of Dollars said to be stocked there is still conducing or is Maina a sacred cow like our Ex-Secretary to the Federal government (SG) Lawal Babachir? The days ahead would prove.

What many in Nigeria had been asking are if Maina and the HOS are the only persons involved in the re-instatement and promotion saga and, if the EFCC is just been aware after several years of the two among the several properties the Pension thief own all over most of the big Northern states like Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Maiduguri, Adamawa and kogi state? Many are waiting to see if and when the EFCC would eventually go to court for the forfeiture of the Properties of Maina as in the cases of many others.

What is still strange to many is how Abba Kyari Chief of Staff to the President and Danbazzu the Minister for Interior were able to foist the Pension thieves on the Head of Service (HOS) who would have insisted on the right thing before reinstating and Promoting Maina without following the laid down process which has become a trend in almost all business of the Present administration.

An attempt to reach the Director of the Directorate of state security here in Abuja was not possible as stern looking officials bar any one from accessing their boss.


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