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Peace ‘ll never be in Nigeria except our demands are met-Fulani Group KRCRA



By Isa Yusuf

As surprising as it may sound the truth is the Fulanis are truly above the laws f Nigeria as two sets of laws operates in Nigeria if not how come a group would come out openly to state conditions for there to be peace in Nigeria if they are not  the real course of the unrest.

The group known as the  Kullin Allah Cattle Rearers  Association (KACRA)with their President  Mohammed Khali Bello has openly given the Country an 11 point demands before peace can return to Nigeria as a Country.

The Group which stated this recently vowed that peace would forever continue to elude Nigeria until the 11 point demands are met as no one could do anything until these demands which he labeled  11 point Chatter for peace by the Fulanis are met.

The 11 points demands which included among others  the establishment of Grazing routes and grazing reserves for Fulani headers around Nigeria, the establishment of Special Schools for Fulanis and Provision of special Security for the herders and their cattle/live stocks etc  for herders all over Nigeria.

The groups President who vowed that not a day of peace would be for Nigeria and Nigerians if their demands are not met but that peace as it is known would elude Nigerians.

It would be recalled that several Fulani groups have openly threatened with some claiming responsibilities for diverse killings in the country but the Federal government has refused to act of deal with these groups but rather quick to proscribed others like the IPOB who are involved in peaceful protest.

Weeks past the Federal government  also confirmed meeting with the same Fulani Groups all over the country and even announced plans to establish special radio stations for the so Called herders and even settle them with over 100 billion Naira for them to allow peace to reign in Nigeria.

What Daily Watch and several Nigerians are finding difficult to understand is why there are different gauge in dealing with different tribes and people in Nigeria as some who are armed are treated with soft gloves and even helped with excuses for their evil acts and atrocities while others  messages mauled down under different names like operation Crocodile tears, Python Dances and may more in the same country.

Daily Watch spoke to the President of this Fulani Group KACRA Mohammed Bello on his reported threats to Nigeria and Nigerians except their selfish and self-opinion demands are met and re confirmed issuing the threats which he vowed would be until their 11 points demands are fully met.

Daily watch tried severally to reach out to the Police Inspector General and the Spokes person of the DSS Affunaya over the reported threats from this new Fulani group but was not successful as text message on the subject sent to him was not responded to.




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