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PDP Splits into More Group over Party Presidential Candidate


ABUJA-The crises in the People Democratic Party of the once self-acclaimed largest Party in Africa seems not yet totally over after all, if investigations by Daily Watch crew are anything to go by.

The new crises which widened now into different dimension had to do with the Presidential ticket of the party which has secretly broken the once popular largest Party in Africa into three different but forceful camps.


Daily Watch can authoritatively report that PDP current intra-party crisis is about leading to an interesting political arithmetic in the near future over who leads the party as a presidential standard bearer in 2019 with series of meetings held in Abuja and other states to wrestle power from All Progressive Congress APC.

In a secret meeting monitored in Abuja two days ago, a caucus in the Party led by the former Ondo state governor Chief Olusegun Mimiko and the popular ex -aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Chief Fani Kayode were said to have been   working for the emergence of Abubakar Atiku as the Presidential Candidate of the People Democratic Party with Mimiko, a former Governor of Ondo State as the Vice Presidential candidate respectively.

In the meeting held in the home of the most vibrant critic of the Buhari’s administration, an agreement was reached among the members of the caucus for the emergence of Abubakar Atiku as the most potent candidate of the PDP and Mimiko ,Popularly known as Iroko as the running mates for the PDP to be able to wrestle the APC into
submission money for money and connection for connection to go to Aso Rock.

The members of these caucuses who seemed to cut across majority of the members of the National Assembly are said to be highly mobilized and reaching out wide and far to all other members of the Party with the intent of winning more converts to their camps.

The Caucus which has also former Anambra state governor as a key player is of the view that, if Mimiko for any reason be knocked out of the Vice Presidential slot in any kind of trade off or negotiations with other Caucases then Mimiko would be drafted to the Chairman of the Party with Peter Obi from the Eastern part of the country pairing with Atiku Abubaker for the PDP ticket.

The second Caucus which also met though more surreptitiously in Abuja but in the House of the former Jigawa State, Governor Alhaji Sule Lamido is said to have other members in the caucus as the former Governor of Oyo state and a  member of the Accord Party who was suspected to have been moved for the candidature of Sule Lamido and Ezeife as possible Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate with Chief Bode George as their candidate for the chairmanship position.

The third and final group or caucus though not as potent as the other two is the disgraced ex-chairman of the Party Sheriff who is said to be discreetly re- lobbying some  serving Governors and buying into ex
-national and states Assembly members with some ex- governors with the intent of pulling a surprise in the next PDP chairmanship Primaries en-routing to getting his choice to work for the Party Presidential ticket which is said to be his focus right from when he commenced the fight for the take-over of the PDP.

How this interesting but expensive game of the three Caucuses would go about their plot for the chairmanship and finally presidential Ticket would be known in the days ahead as more enlarged meetings of each group/caucuses is slated for weeks ahead and Daily watch would keep you informed as developments unfold.


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