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PDP looted the country dry in 16 years- N/Delta Ex-war Lords


By  Edighomor Victor

The RNDA in coalition with nine militant groups in the creeks of Niger Delta that accepted the federal government ceasefire for peace dialogue on the 21st of August 2016 has attributed the under development in the Niger Delta to the massive looting of the nation’s treasury by the sixteen wasted years of the PDP a party described as the most notorious party in Africa, the People’s Democratic Party.


“We as a group agitating for the overall development of the region do applaud  president Muhammadu Buhari for the suspension of the CJN of the federation Mr Ononghen because he the CJN has failed the integrity test and he did not have the boldness and the courage to fight the  anti corruption war which Mr president has been fighting since he came onboard since 2015 because corruption has been the reason why the Niger Delta region is under developed over the sixteen years of PDP governance of democracy



RNDA noted with regret that the six years administration of former President Good luck “Badluck” Jonathan was characterised by massive corruption, looting,and gross non supervision of his appointees with no completed project in the long neglected region that had set the people and region back to the stone age of under development in the Creek.


The Leader of Reformed Niger Delta Avengers,RNDA, Major General Johnmark Ezonebi aka Obama at a crucial meeting at Benin River, in Delta state with the nine agitating militant groups to appraise the situation in the creeks Viz a viz to commend the efforts of the President Muhammadu Buhari led APC Federal Government to the development of the Niger Delta and issued  stern warnings to enemies of the region to stay clear off from the up coming presidential election in the region including thier so called self acclaimed sponsors and non existence Militant groups, the likes of mr DUKU who is the self imposed coordinator of Coalition of Ex-militant,the likes of Chief E K Clark, PANDEF group made up of the most corrupt PDP starlwarts as members which has contributed to the under development that the region is facing today.


RNDA accepted the Federal Government’s ceasefire agreement in 2016 for dialogue that had led to the remarkable sustained the peace process for the development of the region in the wake of renewed destruction and bombing of oil installation and facilities that crippled the nation’s crude oil output which eventually led to recession.


“Most worrisome and painful is the fact that Former President Jonathan’s administration goofed on the development of the region as he was unable to complete the road to his Otuoke community while the most corrupt disciples he had in his government were sons and daughters of the Niger Delta such as Diezani, Orubebe and their cohorts in PANDEF led by High “Thief” EK Clark as the so called father of the then former president Good Luck Jonathan


RNDA is pleased with President Buhari’s willingness and commitment to the development of the Niger Delta since he came on board in 2015 inspite of the economic recession that greeted the emergence of his administration as the crude oil output production hits its highest low ever as 900 barrels daily and the crude oil sales price was low as $35 to $45 dollar per barrel due to this new agitation in the Creek for development of the Niger Delta region.



Without much ado we want to say that President Buhari’s fight against corruption which was the signpost of the previous PDP administrations had clearly defined his stance on the development of the region,RNDA want to sincerely commend Mr president for his Stern courageous boldness has stood the integrity test wish has characterized the APC led federal government, we also commend Mr president for the smooth take off of academic activities of the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko in the creek of Niger Delta,and also Mr presidents directive for the approval for the dredging of the Escravos warri river at the cost of N13.billion naira to enable cargo vessels access Warri sea port which will in turn boost economic activities in the Niger Delta and so as to create job employment for the teaming youths in the Creeks.


RNDA wants to commend president Muhammadu Buhari for the approval of the Ogoni Clean up exercises that is ongoing which the corrupt PDP led administration failed to address  for over 16 years, And also for the implementation of the 3 percent gas fund into the NDDC from the multinational oil companies that is operating in the region which is a welcome development by the APC led federal government,And also RNDA wants to acknowledge Mr president for the approval of N120.billion naira for the construction of Bodo/Bonny inland road to alleviate the long suffering of the people in the Creek of Bonny in Rivers state,And also commendable is the approval of the Akwa Ibom state deep sea port and Mr president has directed the take of the Ogidegben Gas Processing Zone EPZ Project at Escravos under Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta state in the Creek  within this year 2019 which will also boost the economic activities in the Niger Delta region, these are practical demonstrations by president Muhammadu Buhari willingness to address the under developmental challenges that has been confronting the people of the Niger Delta region over the wasted sixteen years of PDP led administration.


RNDA want to put it on record that if at all former president Good luck Jonathan who is from the region would have spend the billions and trillions of naira that he got from the region when crude oil price was at the rate of N120 dollar per barrel which was the crude oil production rate is 2.2 to 2.4 million barrels daily, this issue of new agitation of militancy that is up rising from the Creeks would have not occurred again and the issue of under development in the region would have been a thing of the past, rather all the billions and trillions of funds gotten from the proceeds of crude oil from the Creek of Niger Delta were stolen by this same ministers and leader’s from the Niger Delta region that has contributed to the level of the under development that the region is facing today.


Furthermore RNDA wants to know why is Chief Dr E K Clerk and his corrupt group of PANDEF leader’s that is made up of PDP are crying over the issue of restructuring as the tool to decide over the up coming 2019 Presidential election and after all where was E K Clerk and PANDEF when their so called son and father was the president of the federal republic of Nigeria for over six years who hails from the Creek of Niger Delta region, and so those who are calling for restructuring as a tool to decide who becomes the next President come February 16th 2019 is a mere fallacy and a fowl cry to decieve the people of Niger Delta region and we the RNDA with the coalition of nine militant groups want to state clearly that the likes of chief Dr E K Clerk and his corrupt PANDEF group of leaders with their so called sponsored self acclaimed militant groups can not dictate for the long neglected emancipated people in the Creek of Niger Delta and RNDA with the coalition of nine militant groups in the Creek who has endorsed president Muhammadu Buhari for second term will do everything possible to make sure president Muhammadu Buhari win the up coming presidential election come 16th of February 2019 because president Muhammadu Buhari has done well and he deserves second term.


Finally RNDA want to urge Mr president to try as much as possible to direct the immediate release of the Gas Flare penalty fund for the affected oil producing communities in the Creeks of Niger Delta,through the leadership of Dr Mike Emuh HOSTCOM and also the urgent approval of the pipeline surveillance jobs to through HOSTCOM in other to enable the people of Niger Delta vote massively for president Muhammadu Buhari in the up coming presidential election.






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