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PDP house of confusion:  As Alaibe battles Gov. Dickson’s loyalists for PDP ticket

Chief Timi Alaibe and Chief Seriake Dickson

*As serious stage may be created for upset by Gov actions and inactions

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing editor who was in Yenagoa

The battle for who will pick the mantle for the PDP governorship Primary coming up September 3rd for  the November 6th Governorship elections in the state would have been a mere formality and at the whim and caprices of the PDP sitting  governor Dickson whose lot to pick one of his many associates in the restoration team would have easily sailed through without hiccups but for the decampment of old political horse Timi Alaibe to the PDP several Months back and his declaration to contest the exalted seat in the state.


Timi Alaibe’s movement into the PDP has totally upset all permutations as regards the PDP ticket for the September 3rd Governorship Primary  as he has created not just a new panic in the Camp of the Country side governor but stylishly  creating serious cracks in the once perfect and homogeneous Restoration Camp of the country side governor.

The PDP Primaries as it is presently is simply a straight fight between the Ex –NDDC managing Director and  daft political player Timi Alaibe and the Country side governor who though not contesting on paper but has vowed to pick any of the over six Political appointees of his battling to win his favour and support to fly the PDP   governorship  flag come November 6th thus making the battle to become  highly dicey and tricky since Timi Alaibe from his antecedents is not a man to just push away like several other Politician mostly when the issue centered around Bayelsa Politics.

Daily watch visit to the state days ago confirmed the serious fears that the battle for the sole f the PDP ticket cannot be said to have been won be either of the two camps in spite of the phony congress that has seen the governor Dickson led Restoration group gaining the upper hand in the recently concluded ward congresses in the state to which the Alaibe camp has formally with solid evidences and facts already launched a protest in writing to the Party Chairman and the NWC over the phony and shameful ward congresses that was recently concluded.

While on paper now, all seems to be going well and as planned by the Restoration Group led by the Bayelsa State Governor Dickson who recently in haste staged the state Local Government Election that was boycotted by the APC to help shore up delegates  figures for the PDP Governorship Primaries in reality it doesn’t seem as rosy as it shows on paper as highly formidable sources in the Restoration Camp confirmed that the old Horse Timi Alaibe seemed to be buying into the Restoration Team and is always a step ahead of all moves and plots by the Restoration Team a thing that is already said to be giving the State Governor and the head  of the restoration team maximum sleepless nights.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that before now, several top Nigerians which included among others ex President Good luck Jonathan (Who backed Dickson to mount the seat as Governor of Bayelsa state when it was almost getting lost),Ibrahim Babaginda , Olusegun Obasanjo ad several top Nigerians were said to have spoken  and even solicited on behalf of Alaibe to be allowed to wear the crown of the PDP com November 6th  and on the alternative allow for a totally free and fair Primaries devoid of any political shenanigans in favour of any aspirant on the part of the executive governor of the state to which the state governor has totally declined as he has vowed to not only install his successor but see that the successor must be from amongst his trusted and close associates so as to back the long held doctrine that loyalty pays.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that while Dickson’s confidence seemed to have been buoyed by the success in the Ward congresses and Local Government elections, there is  some shocking but discreet information known even to the governor that most of his loyalist, Local Government Chairmen and even Restoration members are with him in the day time but secretly with  Timi Alaibe  to whom several of them cut their political teeth under several years back at Night there by creating confusion and serious ripples in the Camp of the Executive governor who seems to be in total confusion as to who to trust and who not to.

Daily watch Sources  and findings confirmed that Timi Alaibe  seemed to be using high tech Political scheming, manipulations  and long  term political debt in creating in roads into even the core of the Restoration Family thereby making it difficult to place a call on who would triumph come September 3rd when the Primary baring any shift is set to hold.

Daily Watch Findings also has it that the daily by the governor to name who amongst his Restoration team to back for the governorship Primary up till date is also creating some negative  vibes among his ardent followers with over six aspirants from his Restoration group in the race and  each believing  he is the choice of the executive governor and head of the Restoration Group and this certainly would become counterproductive in the long run as several of those believing to be picked might with their supporters become angry and over to Timi Alaibe camp and the dying minutes when they discovered they have been all along been taken for a ride by the governor to whom they had believed and hope was for them and by so giving Alaibe more power and support hence the call by Several fans of the Restoration Governor to quickly name his anointed candidate rather than allowing over six of his associates to go out to pick forms and believing they are the anointed one only to be jilted at the dying minute which is the way everything is pointing to now since the Executive governor has remained mute as to his real choice amongst his several close knitted  associates that are in the rave.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that this delay by the governor seemed to be working for Timi Alaibe, who has to date been penetrating most of the Restoration aspirants and may stand to see many backing him at the dying minute if and when they are let down by the executive governor at the tail end prior to the Primary.

How things would  finally play out would be known in a matter of days but one thing for now stands out glaring, that is, the factor of Country side governor may if not handled carefully may eventually spill doom for the Restoration Group just like happened in Imo State, Ogun state, Zamfara and Lagos state where diverse factors  played out to stop the incumbent from making it back to their seat and in others been unable to push their choice candidate to win their Parties Primaries and elections.




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