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How PDP Governors beat OBJ,IBB Candidate in PDP convention



      *How last minute horse-trading and fear of external control made
it for Secondus.

*Presidential Ticket now free for grab, S/W,S/E for VP ticket


ABUJA-The PDP convention has come and gone and the result has
finally nailed the plot by the rtd general club to take over the
chairmanship of the biggest and largest political party in Africa as
the PDP governors preferred choice prevailed.

Daily Watch
investigations in Abuja confirmed that the election which
was a battle between the Ex-President  group who are bent on taking
over the party to stop Abubakar Atiku and the PDP Governors who are
bent on stopping the control external body dictating to the Party won
at last with the candidate of the Governors Uche Secondus garnering
over 2,000 votes far above his second Tunde Adeniran  who got  230
votes in the contest that later witnessed the angry Walkout of Tunde
Adeniran suspected to the  candidate of the Obj club and Raymond
Dokpesi who came third with 66 votes with both calling for the
cancellation of the results over what they termed Bribary and diverse

The Convention which stunned all political followers of Politics with
the success and peaceful conduct as against the forecast   of serious
and monumental  rancour after the convention has brought  to fore the
need for consultation, horse trading and persuasion in  the attainment
of political positions as against imposition and other political

With the Success of the PDP convention all seem set for the
Presidential ticket of the Party which if like the Convention goes
smoothly would usher in the desired Opposition as needed in all
democratic climes and setting world over and Nigeria in Particular.

Daily watch Attempts to speak With the new PDP chairman Uche Secondus
and the second and third  candidates Tunde Adeniran and Raymond
Dokpesi  on the Walkover and plans or reconciliation if any was not
possible as the  overcrowded terrain made it virtually impossible for


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