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Pastor caught with a married woman in bed

OPM pastor and the woman backed the camera at the scene of crime in Port-Harcourt


If information coming to the news desk of Daily Watch is anything to go by, all is not well for the Christian family of Omega Power Ministry( OPM)  Aba road branch off Airforce junction Port-Harcourt  as one of its top pastors name withheld was caught red handed the act with one of his married female members of the church.

Eye witness said, family closed family brothers of the woman husband followed the woman to the pastor’s residence following suspicious and frequent movement by the said woman to the pastor for prayer and counselling..

Our source said  “ I am speechless, Women Please Stay Away From Clergy Men. They Choose to Be Holy, Let Them Remain Holy ohhh.

“This is the pastor of OPM (Omega Power Ministry) Aba road branch off Airforce junction Port Harcourt, Pastor Urbanus Ngowi. He was caught red-handed with his female member, (a married woman) the rumor has it that she is having affair with the pastor.

The news blew out as the woman entered the home of the clergy not knowing that some of her husband’s brothers were following her.

Our source said, the woman husband brothers broke in and caught her in the act with the pastor.



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