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BREAKING: Panic in Seat Of Power Over N/Delta Security Report; Military to Shelve Crocodile Tears11


ABUJA-The much touted plot to move the military from the South East to
the Niger Delta following the perceived success in the Military
expenditure to the Eastern part of the country   may have been put off
or postponed after all, if information from the seat of power in the
Federal Capital is anything to go by.

The decision to call off the much publicized strike in the Niger
Delta which the military code named Operation Crocodile tears 11 is
said to have been centered around  a special security report received
days ago  from almost all the security networking carried out in the
Niger Delta by a standing intelligence gathering team in the Niger
Delta and top officials of the DSS and military intelligence.

According to Daily Watch findings,  the Security report which revealed  planned attack would not only spill doom for the military but also the country’s Economy which to those in the villa would  push Nigeria greatly back into not only serious recession as they foresee a crippling of all oil activities
once the attack is launched and this  fear is said to be the driving
force propelling the pro attack team in the Villa led by the chief of
Staff to the President and the   Cousin to the President  Mamman Duara
who is the defecto President of Nigeria for now to have  directed the
army chief  Buratie to put on hold the attack on the Niger Delta that
was before now  slated for Sunday the 24th of September 2017.

Already the Military high command in the days ahead is set to
release  a new and amended  statement countering that issued  by the
Army spokesperson  Brig Sani last week with the firm belief that it
would ease the   frenzy and  collaborative meetings of diverse militamt
groups in the  Niger Delta so as to kill or drastically reduce the
tension the  reportedly press  release by the Army   has created
amongst the militants.

The security reports which gave grave consequences if the attack is
not well planned and the targets reportedly stopped in the military
first strike would lead to collateral damage if not total crippling of
oil production and export.

File photo: militants in action in the creek

According to the security report page 3 annexes 11 ‘’The security
situation sequel to the Military announcement is one of high tension
among all factions of the  Niger Delta Militants who are already
restive and plotting for a massive onslaught against all oil
facilities, as such any form of attack at this period would  be a massive
disservice to the economy of Nigeria  as the Militants are suspected
to have the capacity to cripple every form of oil production and
export as they are reportedly in position of quite unexpectedly highly
power weaponry, air attack rockets and much more deadly arsenal than
previously envisaged  and as such caution is the word for now”


.It is this specific  part of the report  among several others by some team
of underground security experts made of the DSS, Military intelligence
and an innocuous twenty two man security team said to have been spread
around the   region for past  two years now carrying out intelligence
work and information gathering  for the government that has  forced
those in the Villa and the military to take a cautious position on the
planned attack on the Niger Delta Militants which was  planned for
commencement before now on   Sunday  the 24th  September  2017.

According to the Security report as we gathered, the militants are said to be
secretly mobilizing and holding clandestine meetings with the intent to
not only first crippling all forms oil production on the sound of
the first attack by the Military but to carry out direct bombing on
all oil installations in the Niger Delta such that  it would take
several months if not years to carry out any repairs or recommencement of production or crude exportation.

It is this fear that is said to have not only jolted the pro attack
group but is said to be creating unrivalled tension and fear in the
Villa, fears over if the said Militants even without provocation and
to fulfil their own ultimatum would launch the kind of attack
mentioned in the security report.




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