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Panic: Massive plot to derail Atiku’s case in Tribunal

Atiku Abubakar

By Isa Yusuf

Why is it taking Weeks for Zainab Bulkachuwa to appoint a new justice for the Presidential Election Tribunal several Weeks after excusing herself from the Tribunal knowing that Tribunal cases has fixed durations? Is there a secret plot and agreement on the whole game playing out to churn off high time off the Atiku’s legal team time to present their Case to the advantage of President Mohammadu Buhari?

There seemed to be the plot and supra plot by the Presidency and the President of the Court of Appeal in this direction as a massive game to kill the solid petition and case of the PDP Presidential Candidate in the 2019 election Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is already playing out much faster than expected following a suspected clandestine and secret plot and agreement reached between the Presidency and the President of the Court of Appeal Zainab Bulkachuwa.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that after the brouhaha over the position and likely biased of the Appeal court President as a concerned person in the case and her subsequent agreement to remove herself  from the Tribunal, the Appeal Court President has refused picking a replacement for her position and secretly taking her time to intentionally and stylishly again delayed the appointment of a new justice from the log of hundreds of justices to take her position for the case to kick off fully but rather stalling to kill time knowing that the case has a fixed duration that  it must run through.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that already over 78 days out of the required 180 days to hear the PDP Presidential Petition has been wasted over  Zainab Bulkachuwa  position in the Tribunal and her subsequent withdrawal and refusal to quickly appoint a new justice for the case to kick off which was all an intentional act from the start to kill time.

According to findings, the presence of the Justice in the Tribunal was planned to enable the Atiku’s Legal team oppose it which the team actually fell for with the intent to keep them arguing and killing time which was all that happened as the issue dragged on for days before the President of the Appeal Court finally rescues herself   but even after that refuses to appoint a new Justice to change herself thereby again helping to clear over a whooping 78 days of the Atiku’s Legal team time for presentation and argument of the Petition to the Favour of President Buhari of the APC.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the Atiku legal team has already days ago sent a strongly worded petition to the President of the Court of Appeal on the delay in appointing a new justices to the Presidential Tribunal which has stalled not just the case but stylishly killing the time frame for the argument of their petition knowing full well that election petition Tribunal has a fixed duration from the day of commencement.

The Appeal Court President game plot according to sources in the Court of Appeal was simply to take as much time off the Atiku’s case so as for them to have very limited time to tackle their petition with the Presidential Election tribunal and using that to help defeat the Atiku’s Petition before the Tribunal having realized that the Atiku’s team has a water tight case.

How soon Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa President of the Court of Appeal would appointment a new Justice or the Atiku’s petition to be formally heard would be formally heard would be  at the mercy of the Appeal Court President who is believed to be working on a script with the Presidency to fully clear over a hundred days off the Atiku’s Legal team judicial time frame to argue their case .

Daily Watch repeated call at the Court of Appeal to know why it is taking this log to appoint a new Justice from the log of Appeal court Justices to take over her seat in the Presidential tribunal knowing not just how sensitive the case is and the fact that it has a fixed duration was not possible as everyone kept sealed lips awaiting whatever day, weeks or even months the President of the court of Appeal would do the needful.

Daily Watch reached out to the Atiku Media team who confirmed the same fears over the unnecessary delay of the President of the Court of appeal to appoint a new Justice to allow the petition commenced in full weeks after she stepped aside from the same tribunal in a very controversial manner.




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