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Panic in the villa as Presidency comes to terms with possible veto

Muhammadu Buhari


            *APC Leaders in desperate shuttles, five meets with N/A leadership in three days

              *Pleads N/A leadership for lee way over Veto bid after failure to win converts with several millions


ABUJA-Finally the Presidency seem to have now come to terms with the importance of a friendly and symbiotic affinity with the National Assembly as the heat generated over the possible Veto of the Electoral amendment acts dawn on the President and his group in the Villa as against the assurances of El-Rufai and other sycophants in the Presidency that it would be tamed by little inducements.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that the President seem to have been totally and  adequately convinced that a Veto can be pulled through by the National Assembly on the peace Corps Bill and the Electoral Amendment Acts Bill which he refused assent to weeks back as the Senate President and Speaker have both taken it as a personal war and payback time to the President.

Daily Watch investigations also confirmed that all threats, propaganda  and even Monetary inducements and promises to stall  the National Assembly on the Veto plot seem to have failed despite the pumping of over 500 million to the National Assembly to sway Senators and Reps  to tow the anti Veto line failed to cut ice as the members in the side of the President seem insignificant prompting  the President to rush for a negotiated approach which has seen the President  constituting and hard core team of Negotiators running to the Senate leadership and the Presidency Villa five times in one week in a high class Negotiation and plea to the National Assembly leadership to toe the line of peace and agreement and  dishing out  of some leverages to the N/A leadership who also has dropped some very weighty demands to the President for the so called peace.

Daily Watch team confirms that the Presidential team is made up of the APC chairman Chief Odigie Oyegun, Gov of Zamfara State Yari ,Adams Oshiomole and some top members of the NWC of the APC.

While the APC and President team seem bent on extracting promises of no Veto on the two Bills and a return of peace to Saraki and all members of the National Assembly penciled down for  disgrace in their 2nd term bids the National Assembly leaders are firm in their demand for the removal of Magu, stopping of the  persecution of the Senate President over several trials, newspapers trials, lies and wanton allegations, obedience to all resolutions of the National Assembly on the Executive and due respect to the National Assembly members by the President and his team of sycophants and political appointees.

While Daily watch can confirm that so far no serious point of agreement has been reached as each group seem stocked in its own point with the APC chairman, NWC members and Governor Yari still running to the villa and back to the National assembly for possible breakthrough in the plea and negotiations to stop the veto plots and screening of most of the President nominees that is hanging.

Attempts to reach out to the Senate President to speak on the marathon meet was not possible as at the time of this report but hangers on in the Presidency confirm the meet which they described as natural in a democracy between the President and the National Assembly


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