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Panic as herdsmen throng Benue State in thousands 

File photo: armed herdsmen

By Isa Yusuf, Benue

Within days after the outspoken Governor of Benue state spoke out his mind about the RUGA and again vehemently crashed all hope of a RUGA scheme in Benue and the loss of the case against Grazing by the Miyiti Allah Group in Benue state thousands of Headers have started moving towards Benue state.

 Daily watch findings confirmed that the movement which began shortly after the resounding victory of Benue state in the court and Governor Ortom vehement opposition against the RUGA Policy has been interpreted by many to be the solid confirmation of the Miyiti Allah to their statement days back that all state governors who opposes RUGA certainly would not see peace in their state.

In what is now been seen as a  planned repeat of the Genocidal and beastly attack against the state and people of Benue by Fulani cattle headers last year in which security men were playing the Nero while Benue burns several hundreds of headers have  already positioned in Guma, Agatu, Makurdi Local Government Area despite the prevailing anti Grazing Laws with several others set to cross in from Nassarawa state in the coming days.

Daily watch spoke to  Alhaji Shehu Tanbaya a former aide to governor Ortom on Headsmen in Benue and he confirmed the massive influx of the  headsmen in their droves into Benue state just after the Court Victory.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the state governor on the influx of the headers and his plans to protect his people and force the implementation of the anti grazing laws which is already been breached by the headsmen was not possible as the line of the special aide on media to Ortom Terver Akaese didn’t  go through.

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