Home CRIME Panic as Fulani herdsmen threaten Delta University, Anwai

Panic as Fulani herdsmen threaten Delta University, Anwai

File photo: armed herdsmen

By Steve Seigha, Asaba

The menace of herdsmen seemed to be pea mating Delta state just like it has in the South West following the devastating destruction of the properties of the Government of Delta state days ago by the same violent and armed headers,

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Delta state University Campus in Anwai bore the brunt of the headers acts as the school fence was brought down by some headers and the heads which would have resulted in a serious clash but for the wise counsel of several elders in the Community who pleaded with the youths in the locality to remain calm over the unwarranted and consistent provocations of the herdsmen who have not only destroyed hundreds of farms in the locality but now moving to the Anwai Campus of the Delta State University.

Daily Watch tried speaking to the Delta state Police PRO but was not successful as his lines where not going but the Delta state Commissioner for higher Education confirmed the actions of the Fulani headsmen in bringing down of the State university Fence using their cattle in Anwai and warned that continual acts of this nature by the same headers would push the state into seizing off the heads of all headers involved in the nefarious acts and their heads taken over by the state Ministry of Agric.




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