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PANDEF, PNDPC reconciles as Clark,Ayemi-Botu embraces unity in Niger Delta


 Chief E.K Clark and HRM Charles Ayemi- Botu

WARRI- The lingering leadership crisis has been put to rest as the leader of the factional group His Royal Majesty, Pere Charles Ayemi Botu has apologized publicly today ( Tuesday) in Effurun, PTI conference hall, Warri, Delta State for causing disunity in Niger Delta.


High Chief Mike Loyeibo Ekayamo who spoke on behalf of the opposition leader, His Royal Majesty Charles Ayemi-Botu and his team at an emergency well-attend general meeting held at the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Effurun, Warri, said ‘‘ I on behalf of the PNDPC hereby declared that the group from this moment remains non-existent and we apologize for the division and stress caused on the PANDEF leadership. It was due to communication gab. We will never do anything that could lead to the disintegration of Niger Delta unity. PANDEF is one and we beg the leadership to accept our apology as we have settled our difference’’

There were insinuations that  a prominent Niger Delta delegation brokered peace between the two groups yesterday in Warri following the precarious security situation in Niger Delta visa-vis with the disruption of the PANDEF recent meeting by security operatives in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.

The PNDPC  led by HRM Charles Ayemi-Botu  was allegedly accused as being sponsored by the federal Government with huge millions of nairas to derail the agitation of Niger Delta Struggle by replacing the Chief Clark led PANDEF with a similar group that the federal Government may easily soft peddled for the interest of the government.

The submission of Pan Niger Delta People’s Congress, PNDPC  became quite obvious was due to the recent threat by the faceless Avengers militant group in Niger Delta, thereby, giving the federal Government false impression as being mandated by a non-existent militant coalition group which had earlier described laptop militants. Chief Mike Loyeibo and HRM Charles Ayemi-Botu and others were feeding the federal Government with fake militant coalition group, discrediting Chief E.K Clark led PANDEF so much so to become the mouth-piece and authentic leaders in Niger Delta to mediate between the people of Niger Delta and federal Government.

In his address, the foremost Ijaw National leader and Chairman of PANDEF, Chief E.K Clark who was excited in the coming together of the factional group to lead a united and stronger Niger Delta forum. He said federal government over one year of Niger Delta people 16-points demands, the government remained adamant and unruffled claiming to appear without knowing what to do.

He said that the people of Niger Delta cannot be divided by the oppressors of the region, saying that no amount of intimidation with military deployment and military airplanes would not cow the people from telling the world that the Nigerian government is oppressing the Niger Delta region.

He asserted that Niger Delta region does not seek for session. But the cry of militants and other civil society group is a cry for development and that federal Government should respond wisely by reciprocating with developmental strategies, instead of military deployment.

Chief Clark frowned at the prevailing circumstances where agitation of the people for a better treatment was met with dastardly killings and death.

‘‘I can tell you point blank that the war is not winnable by the Nigerian army. Military can never solve the problem in the Niger Delta. Because Sri Lanka fought the Tamil Tigers for 26 years and now they seem to have defeated the Tamil Tigers, but then you win the war, have you win the peace…? Clark quarried.

The PANDEF high table members at the meeting are by Sen. Dr. E.K Clark (Delta), Professor GG Darah (Delta), Chief Mrs Betty Igbeyi (Edo), Chief Ogbetuo Godwin (Delta), Dr. Mike Asemota (Edo), Chief Sampson Agbaru(Rivers), Amb.Dr. G.B Igali (Bayelsa), Chief Francis Doukpola (Bayelsa).

Others are, Chief Olivia Agbajo (Delta) RT Hon. Chief  Nduese Essien (Akwa-Ibom), Barr, Boma Obuoforibo (Rivers), Alabo T.O Graham Douglas (Rivers), Alaowei Broderick Bozimo (Delta), Professor S.W.E Ibodje (Delta) and Dr. Sir Chief Ominimini Obiuwevbi (Delta).


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