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Is P-Square Set for final Break-up?



  LAGOS-The bottled animosity between  and among the Okoye brothers seem unending following the re occurring beef between the most celebrated musical group in Nigeria the  P square  brothers who are hitting  the  news wave again if snippets from the duo is anything to by. 


   The conflict which has been on and off affair making suspecting fans and well wishers to see and initially assume it to be a kind of publicity stunt whereas the truth is that the twin popularly known as P square is truly on the brink of collapse except urgent and serious soul searching is done by the duo to once and for all tame their difference which seem to be tearing them apart fastly.

Late last year the crisis sprout up big time with the duo almost going their separate taking new names  as Rude boy and Mr. to show their individual ways with each identity but for the fatherly and timely intervention  of great  mind like Aliko Dangote who with Peter Obi the ex governor of Anambra state individually using their wisdom to carve out peace deal  from the almost dead affinity and since then the affinity has been on a slow train and the once boisterous and vivacious twins are hardly seen together and even when they attend shows the strain of the affinity is seriously palpable.

Such was the state of the affinity  between the two brothers  until days ago when one of the twins  Paul Okoye  threw some innocuous sounding statement on net claiming some persons are annoyed over his wife giving birth to twin followed by another in which he tactically accuses his twin brother s Wife Lola Omotayo Okoye  of being not only jealous of his wife  having twin  but indirectly accusing her of using juju to hold his twin brother, in the words  of Paul ‘’Am back and let’s see if juju is thicker than blood’’ a statement which tends to create the impression that the wife of his twin brother Peter is not just the architect of the crisis between and among the three brothers but that she is also using charms/Juju to keep Peter under her control.

This harsh words never went with a reply from Lola Omotayo,the amiable and highly trained and half caste   wife of Peter who just hours ago threw her own punch on the other brother Paul though indirectly, according to Lola  who is married to Peter Okoye” love is the only way and peace of mind the ultimate goal in this life of ours. Hate has no place in my heart and world, never has and never will” a subtle reply to the earlier post by Paul.

   It would be recalled to the P square brouhaha commenced almost immediately after the death of their mother who all through her life time had rejected Lola Omatoya  from marrying her son Peter based on tribal issue and which Peter was said to have abided with   to please  his mum but yet still dating and  living with Lola and having two kids from her outside wedlock.

Immediately the passing of the mother, Peter happily felt the only obstacle to consolidate his marriage to the beautiful half cast Lola Omotayo  is no more as such  he had no hindrance  to marrying Lola his heartthrob and mother of his two kids but was shocked to get a rejection of his marriage plans by  his elder brother and producer of P square  Jude Okoye who not only opposed Pater’s marriage to Lola but got supported by his twin brother Paul against Peter.

This didn’t go down with peter who saw the two as serious interloper and not  good enough to decide who he chooses to marry to since he never involved in making a choice for Paul  but the two others insisted to stand by the words of their late mum and this according to Peter was the beginning of the crisis as he went about the marriage to Lola without the consent and presence of the Elder brother in the said marriage and  support of his brothers and this made Peter to come out openly then  to say that he would not work with Jude Okoye as the Producer of P square a decision Paul refuses to abide with and this seem to be the genesis  of the crisis that has dragged on for long and making many to ignorantly term Lola as the architect of the Crisis.

 Where  this new wave of verbal insults and shade on social platform would eventually lead to or play out would be known in the days ahead as more shade is expected from the two most popular musical twins in Africa if not the world over.

  Already, stories of cancelled shows, concerts is already going on giving credence to the seriousness of the crises in the house of the once most Popular Nigerian acts.


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