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Oshiomole fights the battle of his life as disgrace hovers around him

APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole

By Cletus Opukeme, Lucky Ojigbo

The once boastful APC leader certainly seemed to now becoming a shadow of his old self as the real political situations in the Country and the het is now on him following a massive plots, sub plots, super plots and supra plots to send him packing from the position of Chairman of the APC for failure in his administration of the APC.

The call for Adams Oshiomole Ouster which has almost gone viral  already as more and more Party men are in support was first spoken of by Adams Vice Chairman and today has gain a massive image of its own with almost everyone calling for the removal of the Chairman.


While this is ongoing, Daily Watch Sources has it that the embattled APC Chairman is now getting what he forced others like Rochas Okorocha Ex governor of Imo State and Amosun the ex Governor of Ogun State to do,  running from pillar to post begging, crawling and pleading to be spared the same pills he boastfully and with fanfare and gait dished out to many as if he was God almighty.

While Daily watch cannot state the position of the President on the mounting cal for Oshiomole Ouster many are of the views that it must have been and agenda by the powers that be coming from the Vice Chairman of the same APC.

Daily Watch Findings confirmed that the Oshiomole must go crowd shockingly also involved almost all members of the NWC of the Party who also described the governor of  been a dictator and not carrying anyone along in all his actions prior to the 2019 Elections.

Will Adams Oshiomole survived this massive cry for his removal or would the Presidency come to his aid this time around? This seemed to be the multi billion Naira questions several Nigerians are now asking as moves are growing and plots are been hatched on the ways to ease out the once very boastful and overzealous Chairman of the APC.




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