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OPINON: We all need to rise from our economic mediocrity, by Godwin Udumubrai

Godwin Udumubrai

For a man to rise, he needs the understanding of his physical ability in tandem with his environment and the need for such rise.


Man must in every necessity understands the basic facts that he is endowed in creating his own life comfortable for his progressive living through the potentials that are always in-built in him by exploiting his environmental potentials as well.


And after understanding these basic facts, man must ensure that he develops these creative potentials thoroughly enough to create or invent all necessary needs in the course of his sufficient and comfortable living just as stated above.


Developing them also needs the basic and relevant training in such appropriate educational system that would promote such scientific enterprise outside the misconceived educational system that would promote mediocrity. The present system of our education is the one that cannot and will not in anyway address our dire infrastructural needs as it doesn’t provide any opportunity to the graduating students not to talk of the quality of students being turned out yearly.


This is against the intents and purposes of our forefathers we have always termed primitive but who knew their people’s needs, developed and promoted their skills even though there was no formal education but were still educated in their prevailing system and became self-sufficient before the arrival of the business men from Europe in the guise of colonial masters and missionaries. These efforts from these medieval men led to the production of food, cassava, palm fruit by products, traps, local canoes for transportation among others.


If our forebears could go so far in such primitive era, why have we in this modern era with so much to copy from while priding ourselves as educated whereas we cannot even produce a pin thereby keeping us perpetually as dependants before the rest of the world?  The simple but basic answers or reasons lie on the fact that our policy makers are products of weak education background couple with greed which had led to poor education system that cannot turn our the necessary manpower due to poor facilities to build a viable economy.


It is not to have giant tertiary institutions dotting all places that matters but without adequate manpower and facilities, the relevant knowledge will not be acquired. Once this happens and continues, the system produces a society with no mental nor technical products as its manpower to advancing such society technologically, administratively and therefore cannot be viable economically.


And the wrong but selfish political leaders arising from defective constitutional of too many leaders at the top would create heavy economic drains against the provision of social welfare and needed infrastructure for the citizens. As this bandwagon effect continues, while few people get themselves enriched, majority of the citizens wallow in abject poverty in general welfare and amenities.


But the most worrisome aspect of it lies on the capitalization of religious syndrome. While our various organs of government had failed, the society goes further pauperization by religious extortion. These religion practitioners who capitalising on public governance loopholes has created more terror than surviving services. In the midst of these dire consequences, no one knows the richer and satanic class between the greedy and unproductive political and extortive and deceptive religious leaders.


The question is that, in such times like this, which class of people do we need?  Is it the dubious political, extortioners clergy or professionals that can feel up the missing production links?  This reminds me of the numerous anti-progressive religious posts by Donatus Sologidi, showing advanced societies children concentrating on scientific studies whereas in Nigeria, such children are being lured and exposed to religion activities which has no physical production bearings yet we all blame that innovative young man. We live in an era where wrong religion approaches had made us to misunderstand everything. We are in a wrong religion era where we think God will come from wherever He resides to provide everything for us while we remain dormant but docile.


We should be reminded that our forefathers made their little progress while still serving God yet they remained productive. We should also know that while China is making economic waves, she still hold on seriously to their various religions which include Ancestral,  Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism worships. Why should the case of Nigeria be so different? In our time and place when we need numerous but qualified technical manpower, our society is looking for pastors and imams that would talk and to make all of us talk to God to make our country the number one importer of prayers and religious programs. In a time where we need more factories, firms,  research centers and workers,  we have more churches and mosques and members of both sects.


Today, we live in a country without adequate transportation system couple with some of the worst roads, seaports, railways, airports, housing, medical, educational system, telecommunications, indigenous  scientific facilities to count but few that one can ever think o. As we roll along these economic woes, our fanaticism of Political participation without sound and workable polices or wrong but unproductive religion practices have not provided any solution in any clime and we cannot be exception. These fake index have taken over our Nigerian society too far away from the needed progress for development in this era of modern economy propelled by the provision of indigenous modern facilities and administrators.

*Udumubrai writes from Asaba





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