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 OPINION: Why suicide increases daily, by Olumide Akomolafe


Suicide will multiply in Nigeria. Not because times are hard. Times were HARD way back before now. The problem now is that adults are increasingly immature and the society is increasingly frivolous. People have no true friends because friends now see themselves as rivals. Backstabbers/biters now masquerade as friends. Problem shared now becomes public information.


There’s a rat race going on and it’s measured by fleeting wealth and nothing else true and lasting. Setbacks are mourned as a wasted life by those who should give love and genuine support. Men who rose through their friend’s magnanimity are now digging graves for such friends. So troubled man becomes a butt of jokes by those in whom he reposited his trust.


Calamities befall men and their friends shed tears in the morning and run them down at night. Adults now behave like children.

The man can’t even tell his wife because he is sure she won’t understand. He has seen her divulge little details to her family. He has heard her eulogize wealth and curse setbacks as an abomination. She has a little merry heart. Men now gossip like women.


The cleric can’t be trusted because he is given to flamboyant cars and lots of worldly ambition. He rates men by their earthly successes and wealth. He can’t be trusted because wealth he says, is the ultimate blessing from God. Everyday he celebrates only the rich.


So the troubled man walks around with his troubles in his heart, smiles at all the children masquerading as adults around him. One day, he would weigh it all over again and say no, it’s enough.

True and matured friends are now very scarce! No true ears to talk to in times of trouble, no honest shoulder to lay on in times of weakness.

And a culmination of all these is why depression-induced suicide is on a sad rise.


Can we all rise and fight this menace called depression in truth?

Can you work and encourage others to assume the role(s) of the true friend(s)?

Can we jointly reinstate the integrity of the quote “Problem shared is half solved?’’





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