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OPINION: Udom Emmanuel; Balancing superior performance against terror, by Micheal Joseph Okon

Governor Udom Emmanuel

Gov.Udom Emmanuel

As 2019 electioneering year draws close, it’s pertinent we begin full scale comparison between potential contenders for the Hill Top Mansion against Mr Udom Emmanuel’s superlative performance as constant while the rest are variables in the equation. It’s now an open secret that contenders from APC for the plum job aren’t relying on any tangible vision, mission or mandate for the people rather they are hoping to rig Akwa Ibom State on Federal might. Those seeking to oppose Mr Udom Emmanuel aren’t presenting any superior manifesto as against the five point agenda of;     *Job creation, wealth creation, poverty alleviation, infrastructural consolidation and expansion, political and Political inclusion* championed by Mr Udom Emmanuel led administration.

The likes of Nsima Ekere instead of living above board and proving his mettle as Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) by constructing sustainable roads as against the substandard jobs we see scattered across the state in the name of NDDC projects,go to Ekpene Ntan Street,Afaha Oku, take a walk to Church road,Udoekong Street,Itu road by Ikpa Junction, Okon mbaba street, Mississippi road at Oron road,Port Harcourt street and Nsentip street all in Uyo and see failure seeking be Governor, instead of him to use this God given opportunity to empower Akwa Ibom young entrepreneurs who seek micro funding to find their footing, we see guntreneurs warming up to kill their grandfather in the grave, instead of Nsima Ekere to steal the moment and write his name in the sands of time by empowering our poor women in the villages with micro loans like Mr Udom Emmanuel is doing, he unwittingly buries our patrimony on substandard roads while miscellaneous ( *money wey miss road* ) gets cornered for election which the gods have purpose failure for him because God can not be mocked, for what ever a man sows in NDDC that shall he reap.

While Thomas Tomas an APC Chieftain has boldly declared that “ *GUNS ARE NO STRANGERS TO NSIMA EKERE* ”, its worthwhile to add that even Udoedehe is at home with violence. The idea of giving guns to Nsima Ekere in Ikot Ekpene is enough to force loyalty from the feeble minded, though history of how Udoedehe’s supporters broke into the Idongesit Nkanga secretariat and set ablaze tricycles and other vehicles can not also be forgotten in a hurry. Of a truth “ *VIOLENCE ARE NO STRANGERS TO UDOEDEHE AND NSIMA EKERE* ”. Is it that except for these old and tired hands APC in Akwa Ibom State does not have new breeds to drive home their much hyped Change mantra? Is it possible that they are no professionals that can build on what Udom Emmanuel is doing apart from this Full time recycled politicians?

As for Nsima Ekere it will be an error for nature to even allow him fly the APC flag, the man is bad market, his poor aura breeds only ill wind. No sane public officer will accept guns as a gift both in the secret and the open, but here we had a man gleefully accepting guns and the Authorities have not questioned the rational for such obscene, gruesome and disturbing misdemeanour. In better climes, Nsima Ekere’s inordinate desire to be Governor should have been buried the day he stooped too low for the office he seeks, as a matter of fact that’s the day he should have tendered his resignation as MD of NDDC, yet politics blinds Mr President from showing political goodwill in this matter.

While Akwa Ibom APC hopes to fill in men of questionable character as flag bearers for the plum job come 2019 with the mirage thinking that even if its my grand mother that flies the broom party come 2019, she would likely floor superior performance because they own INEC and Ekitigates will repeat its ugly scenario here in the only state named after God. Yet the future is no more what it used to be, *Sai* Buhari has become *kai* Buhari, the electorates are more enlightened today than 2015, Nigerians and Akwa Ibom Electorates are tired of lies from Lai Mohammed and the gang and would rather vote for roads Udom Emmanuel has constructed, they would rather vote for the Hospitals in Ituk Mbang, Anua, Etinan and Ikono upgraded by Udom Emmanuel, the Akwa Ibom child will compel their parents and guardians to vote for free and compulsory Education of this administration, our youths will canvass for more votes in support of over 600million paid annually by Udom Emmanuel to offset their West African Examination Council (WAEC) fees, those working at the coconut plantation and factory will arise to the faith of greatness and not allow violent men to rig themselves to power and vote for more factories. The widows and orphans with houses to live in today will mobilize against terror in appreciation of FEYREP, our brothers and sisters working at Peacock paint, Toothpick and pencil factory, those working at the metering plant, those working at the Jubilee syringe factory, those working at the fertilizer plant, rice mill and garri factories will not go to sleep until Udom Emmanuel completes his good work come 2019.

If Udom Emmanuel had wanted to govern this state at the barrel of the gun, no one would have had the guts to present guns to Nsima Ekere, but he choose the way of peace, thus giving unreasonable men, men without faith room to think they have monopoly of violence but God pass them. Never again should the Ibiobios die in the hands of ethnic bigots, never again should our sons and daughters be sacrificed for wickedness to seat on the throne. Today in Akwa Ibom we can sleep with our doors open, we can walk on the streets without looking over our shoulders, yet a Governor hopeful dared to receive guns to kill who? Guns fall on you.

The onus is on every mother, every responsible father, every Akwaibomite to think and vote wisely, should we allow violence to replace the 5 point agenda of Job creation, wealth creation, poverty alleviation, infrastructural consolidation and expansion and Political inclusion?

The choice is ours,get our Personal Voters Card, vote and make sure your votes count. Between Superior performance and the man with the gun chose one.


@ Micheal Joseph Okon* Is A Public Affairs Analyst




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