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OPINION: The man Ambassador Godknows Boladei Igali Phd, by  Brandon Tonye-Eselemo

Amb. Boladei Igali

I was in Yenegoa to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend on Saturday, August 3, 2019. After the event I had a chance of meeting with another of my friend  who requested that I should accompany him to see a governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ambassador Godknows Boladei Igali.


My curiosity had then taken the better of me! Nothing had prepared me for the meeting as it turned out to be one of my greatest encounters with one of the best minds in contemporary Nigeria. His mental clarity, vision, temperament; his capacity for leadership is deep rooted. He has indept understanding/knowledge of Politics, Education, Economics, Culture, Governance, Diplomacy and vision for a new Bayelsa state.



He is down to earth, simplicity, honesty and painstaking thoroughness for details, are totally incredible.


In politics you discover that the very people that need promotions into higher office by all and Sundry are often not easily recognized due to contending claims by other Pretenders.


A leading contender to the office of the Governor of Bayelsa state, Ambassador Godknows Igali PhD is vintage; his intimidating credentials and other veritable achievements are pointers to this fact.


The man Ambassador Godknows Boladei Igali PhD, is a reporters’ delight. Meeting him has greatly changed my perception about Bayelsa state; its politics and the need to get it right if Bayelsa must find its true potentials as a state in the committee of states in the Country.


Unarguably, the Hon. Dickson Henry Seriake  administration has scored for itself the highest developmental strides in the History of Bayelsa state and should be applauded by all well meaning Bayelsans. But, like everything in life, consistency consolidates progress as success without successive plan is not success but a gamble.


Consequently, who succeeds Governor Dickson Seriake is even more important than the recorded successes of his administration. Looking in from the outside placed me in a very unique position. My detached and politically unburden mind affords me a mental clarity that it’s truly objective and untainted to see the Bayelsa political space as it’s truly is.


This circle of governorship elections in my mind parades some of the best minds in Bayelsa state politics today than other election circles.


However, there are serious contenders and pretenders in the race to Creek Heavens. Amongst these, the contenders are also men who had given services to the state by serving in other agencies of government. From all indications and accounts, they have also given their best to serve the state.


While a grateful state will accord them their place in history, the partnership to a greater Bayelsa state would have indeed begun. This can only be if the state is placed firmly in the hands of a unifier, a builder, a technocrat, an accomplished gentle man who will bring his wealth of experience in scholarship, governance, diplomacy and statecraft into a building force that will move Bayelsa to the attainment of the state of our dream and an enviable height.


The Governor of the state must critically evaluate these aspirants and support the best if his developmental achievements are worth preserving.


That man in my humble and  untainted political mind is Ambassador Godknowns Boladei Igali PhD.



Tonye-Eselemo writes from Warri, Delta state.



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