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Opinion: Would the Python not Dance better in North central and North East?


Pythons in action, Trained snipers from China

By Aringe George


The Nigerian army has been in the news for the past week over their
military occupation of the North Eastern state of Abia where they hold
sway like a colossus hitting, attacking, maiming, battering and
killing with unrivalled and uncommon precision in what is termed as
Operation Python Dance 11.

To those who don’t know, the Python is a war like animal when angry
and hungry and goes for the kill by first hitting its target, then
strangulates it to break its bones before finally swallowing it and
this is the name of the highly trained and highly motivated Military
boys that just returned from France and other foreign countries from
specialized Military Training  that are presently Dancing the
‘Pythonic Dance’ in the  South EAST.

The Nigeria army operation Python Dance 11 which is made up of
highly trained military snipers ,killers and professional marksmen and
military personnel just back from specialized and modern  training in
France and other foreign military powerful  nations are today
exhibiting their skills in the South East a place that stands peaceful
and free of War and very  far from the North East  where Boko Haram
holds sway and the North Central that has become a killing field for
highly trained and weapon carrying Fulani headsmen.

They are said to exhibit great skills and unrivalled zeal in military
actions and military precision  just like the   Python does a name by
which they are called and which  their Commanders have  detailed them
to do.

But what keeps nagging the minds of many and this writer is how a
well trained group like  the Python Dance 11 with several Millions
expanded in their training for skills and modern military tactics  now
made to ply their craft and modern war artistry  in a peaceful and no
war situation like South East seem to be the major issue when real
Military Situations were their great and unique skills can be put to
use  is in the North East where Boko Haram still run riot with extreme
zeal and 100 percent vicious intensity and the North Central where the
Fulani headsmen are holding sway like  lord unto themselves and has
killed an estimated over 4000 thousand people and displaces over 120
communities and villages in the North Central.

Why are the government and Military Authorities leaving where real
military actions are needed for a place where Police action seem
necessary? this is the million naira question none has been able to
proffer answers to as the killings and attack in the Boko Haram held
Territories of North East  under the barrage of attack from the Boko
Haram insurgents and the North Central where the Fulani rampaging
marauding team are having free reign over the people of the North
Central goes on unabated yet the Python that is greatly needed to give
succour to the Northern Easterners  and North Central people are been
used to massacre and run riot over Unarmed youths in the South East?

Is it that the killings and armed insurrection of the Fulani headsmen
a lesser carnage compared to the unarmed protest in the South East or
the Continual  and continuous Killings by the tribe of Boko Haram
killers of less importance to the Nigerian Government and military?.

This question becomes necessary if a 2000 well trained Python team
that returned weeks ago from specialized training on modern Military
techniques and tactics are now been sent to mere civilian  meetings
and agitations in the South East while leaving the enclave of Boko
Haram in the North East and the serial barrages of killing and looting
with modern weapons by Fulani headsmen in the North Central for
neophytes in military tactics to battle any reasonable in the ears and
eyes of the world.

What many are now asking Is  if there is  a deliberate game plan by
the Government and military to allow the headsmen free reign  in their
killing spree in the North Central as exposed in the series of
unpalatable exposures and chilling testimonies of Military
collaboration  with the headsman in the North central death field
coming out of the Presidential Panel on Human Right Abuses in the
North Central.

This and many more thoughts certainly would continue to rock the
minds of this writer and several millions of Nigerians on a daily
basis as several videos, news and stories of Military actions against
innocent, stick carrying and bottle wielding South Eastern youths hit
the world while  AK47 Wielding Fulani headsmen  who should be having
all the actions are seen holding sway in diverse Videos of  killing,
maiming, raping and looting in the North Central states of Nigeria
without obstacle or opposition  all in the same country called
Nigeria. Is something not truly wrong?

(Aringe writes from troubled Aba)


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