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OPINION: Pondi, a case of a round peg in a round hole, by JP Owoupele

Rt. Hon. Julius Pondi


RT. Hon. Julius Pondi

Today I want to discuss the political rise and the candidature of Hon Julius pondi.


I have had to wait a little while to make this submission after a thorough investigation of what I know about him and his personality from the time he became an occupant of the hallowed chamber .

In making this absolute submission am guided by a few indices to wit; the history of the constituency , the nature of the representative , the perception of the apolitical and political personae of the area under review. But more importantly are the indices of what is the expected of the people which constitute a good leader. 1. Accessibility 2. Advocacy and contributions in the floor of the house and above all 3. his readiness to respond to his people in times of need and viz a viz his ability to relate with people very well.


On arrival at Abuja in company of a few youth leaders from Burutu we placed a call to Hon Julius Pondi and at the second ring he picked and we told him we are here to see him as his constituents. He wasted no time in inquiring from us where we have lodged and that we should come to the house while he will be waiting out August arrival .


We boarded a cab and arrived there . Upon arrival we were treated to a very traditional welcome with delicacies and our customary native Ijaw drink.

We had a good reception and after eating we discussed our objective .

He wasted no time in responding to us by accompanying us the next day to the agency that sought our attention and given his presence all went well. Indeed mission  accomplished.


The above narrative reflects the nature and expectations of the average political follower or constituents from their elected officials .


This experiences left none of us in doubt as to his nature as a person . Hon Julius is a very active participants in the floor of the house both in contributions and sponsoring of bills that has direct impact on our socio-economic life as a people.


Not too long ago when the people of Tuomo had issues Hon Pondi left no one in doubt when he brought the attention of the leadership of the house to the issues troubling his constituents and attracted immediate response . This is indeed a feat most commended especially for a first time member.


Only recently again he sponsored a bill for the protection of our shorelines as a nation .


Pondi is known to always frequent his constituency  where he attends to the needs of his people . This gesture has made people to wonder, if he is either living in Abuja or Warri.


Young articulate and daring are some of the qualities that marks him out as a representative .


In time past one wonders if there was indeed a member representing the people of Bururu in the National Assembly . The perception has always been very appalling but far beyond this is the believe that they are bench warmers who are only there to complete the number in the hallowed chambers . Today the issue of age has also been relegated to the background.  Hon Julius Pondi is young and perhaps the youngest in the house and in the history of the constituency and has also shown a rare capacity as a legislator who has his people at heart .


What we need as a people and a Nation is the likes  of Hon pondi and his pedigree who understands our core mandate and cardinal inevitable objectives as a people .


Given his young profile as a first time member it’s my submission that within the period he has stayed in the chamber his impact has been quite meaningful and one can comfortably posit that given a second chance he has the tendency to ensure that our people are given the needed effective represent it thus ultimately deserve.


In the light of this known and undisputed facts which are in the public domain, it’s my submission that the people of Burutu should waste no time in ensuring that OSIKI is re-elected as the member representing the good people of Burutu Federal constituency.



JP Owoupele writes from Yenagoa




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