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Opinion: PEREZ OMOUN ; A Philanthropist for Patani Council Chairman, by Mayor Ogobiri



This is the wilderness voice, though, I am not John the Baptist but I have a story to tell my people as a social Crusader.


My story is all about Perez who has put simile in our faces, the man who has Patani at heart. The good works of Perez as a person cannot be over emphasized. My parents, my brothers and sisters have you not heard about Perez good works in Patani.

Let’s dance, wash our hands and feets as a sign of cleansing, and welcome a saint whose prophecy was long foretold to wipe our tears of agony, destitute away and reopen and a new book of  PATANI  development and resurrection. This man is an emblem of light, a man whose integrity is divine.

Barr. Omoun

Barrister Perez Omoun is a House hold name in the nook and crony of every PATANI Family, Communities and why ? because he is a man with big heart like the biblical widow with her son, even little children’s in the Street’s identify Omoun good works to humanity without strings in PATANI rural communities.

Omoun is a Pace setter, philanthropist, a lawyer, a Patanian born grassroots Mobiliser and a Politician. No political actor in Patani has similar track record like Omoun. He is the rising SUN in the modern democratic polity of Patani Local Government Area and of Delta State.

Omoun’s voluntary Educational, Health, infrastructural, community services have ameliorated Parent’s, Guardian’s and students huge plights. He has provided what those in government could not do for their constituents. He is constantly in touch with his people in the rural areas of PATANI Council.

Mr. Perez has Single-handedly embarked on a Multi Millions naira Construction of Ogidi Primary School Staff quarter Building which was completed few months ago in Agoloma town to compliment a befitting learning and residential environment for tutors deployed to Rural area’s in PATANI L.G.A.

It will be recalled that so many brilliant student’s in Patani have secure admission into various tertiary institutions of learning because he provided for their WAEC, JAMB, POST UTME Screening, more’so to aide learning and to propel pupils and students seeking knowledge and admission.

Barrister Omoun has consistently provided diesel for PATANI General Hospital to enable medical services function optimally during the day, at night; he as often paid medical bills for some aged, new birth nursing mothers whose family members as abandoned as a result of paucity of funds.

There are evident that the Agoloma born philanthropist has a very large heart for any human being that crosses his path, irrespective of class status, religion, and ethnicity, political party he or she belonged to.

Omoun may not be as rich as Dangote but he is rich in the heart, character toward humanity without strings; remember in the Holy Bible in the book of Proverbs 19 verse 17 says whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, in same vein in the Holy Bible in the book of Mathew 5 verse 7 blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. It iss more blessed to give than to Receive.

Mr. Omoun has also motivated Patani youths in diversification into Agro business as means for adequate food for consumption, export for economic viability of Youths and revenue boost through farming for PATANI Local Government Area.

The philanthropist has also urged Patani youths to use their diverse God given talents to attract and promote development in all human endeavours in Patani.

With these golden records, let us do justice by casting our votes and project this Man of vision as chairman of Patani L.G.A. in the forth coming Delta State Local Government election and make Patani great again. John the Baptist I am.

Ogobiri Writes from Patani



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