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OPINION: Never Distracted, Development For All, by Simeon Nwakaudu

Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike

For Rivers people, the benefits of good governance have not ceased. Everyday, more communities enjoy the relentless delivery of projects by the administration of Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.


The administration’s commitment to the improvement of the lives of the people is total. As the contractors work in different communities, the people celebrate.


In unison, everyone is singing the praises of Governor Wike, urging him to continue his good works beyond 2019. They are happy that  the process of building a new Rivers State is in motion and they want it  to be consolidated.


In Emohua Local Government Area, Rumuakundu-Rumuche road is progressing satisfactorily.  The road has brought life to the economy of the communities, creating access to more villages.


The first phase of the road leading to Buguma has been completed, while the second phase leading to East-West Road is nearing completion.


Chairman of Emohua Local Government Area, Chief Tom Aliezi said that Governor Wike has lived  up to the expectations of the people through key projects.


He said: “We are happy that Governor Wike has deemed it necessary to complete this project. It links Buguma in Asari-Toru Local Government Area and the East-West Road.


“All we expect is for our people to continue to continue to support the governor and vote him again in 2019. Everyone  is clamouring  for a second term for Governor Wike “.


In Emohua Local Government Area, Governor Wike is also delivering on Emohua General Hospital . This facility has changed the healthcare delivery system of the area.


Governor Wike has delivered on the first phase of the Elele-Alimini Internal Roads.  Work is in progress for the second phase of the internal roads.


Emohua people are united in their support for the governor as a result of his projects in the area.  Chiodu Stephen, Justice Woleru, Wochukwu Ugwuchi, Innocent Eze and Anthony Okah are happy that in the course of the last three years, Governor Wike has reached out to their communities.



The Zonal Hospital, Degema is about to be delivered by Governor Wike.  This project abandoned by the immediate past failed Amaechi administration before at less than 20 percent will be commissioned  before the end of the year.


This is a massive tertiary healthcare facility. The first in Kalabari land. Governor Wike has maintained funding and expanded the scope of the project.


Ebianga Morgan, a native of Tombia, admitted that she has never seen a project of that magnitude before. She said the facility is good for the people.


Mathew Sele, a resident of Degema, thanked the Rivers State Governor for the massive hospital which will save the lives of the people.


Another resident, Belema Taylor said that the completion of  Degema Zonal Hospital will tackle health challenges  that were hitherto taken to Port Harcourt for attention.


In Tai Local Government Area, Governor Wike is executing the Sakpenwa/ Kira/ Borobara/ Gbam/ Nonwa/ Barayira/ Sime and Eteo Road. This is a 10-kilometre road that cuts across nine benefitting communities .


The road was flagged off on 30th June, 2018 with the contractors fully mobilised to site. In the few weeks of work, the contractors have reached an amazing milestone.  The road will be completed in four months.


Chairman of Tai Local Government Area, Dr Jacobson Nbina had this to say:


“The Ogoni people as a whole are happy with Governor Wike.  The Tai people are happy that a project of this magnitude is being executed in our area. Just on the other side, we are also benefiting from the Sakpenwa-Bori Road, that starts from Tai Local Government Area.


“These roads show the love that Governor Wike has for the people of Ogoni.  We shall reciprocate by re-electing Governor Wike in 2019”.


Hon. Prince Gbosidam said  Tai people are happy because the ongoing construction of the 10-kilometre road has created jobs for youths in the area.


A worker at the site, Christian Nnordee said that the road project is a gift to Tai people. He said that  personally, he has been empowered economically by the execution of the project.


Like other Local Government Areas, the people of Ikwerre Local Government Area have been revived by the projects of Governor Wike.


Key projects in the area include, General Hospital, Isiokpo, Ipo-Omademe Road, Isiokpo Internal Roads, Mbodo-Aluu Road and basic schools reconstruction projects.


Nwanosike Samuel is the Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area.  He was full of praises for Governor Wike for his profound interventions in the area.


He said: “Governor Wike in three years has turned around the fortunes of Rivers people. What Governor Wike has done with the lean resources available to him is unprecedented.  This is the leader we prayed for and God has given us the leader.


” Rivers State is considered as one of the working states of this country.  This is a leadership  that is working for our state. The list of projects in Ikwerre Local Government Area under Governor Wike has gladened our hearts”.


A resident of Ipo in Ikwerre Local, Mr Vincent Ogbonna said that the construction of the Ipo-Omademe Road by Governor Wike has lifted the spirit of the people. He noted that commercial activities have picked up along that route.


Mrs Florence Anthony who stays at Ipo 1, also commended Governor Wike for the Ipo-Omademe Road, pointing out that has business has improved because of the road. He prayed for the re-election of Governor Wike on the premise of his performance.


For Mpi Celine, a native of Isiokpo, the Isiokpo Internal Roads have shown that Governor Wike is a leader who loves his people. She assured that Isiokpo people are firmly in support of the governor’s re-election.


The movement to develop all parts of Rivers State is on-going. No local government area has been left behind. For each of the 23 Local Government Areas, Governor Wike has planted key projects.


When you see Rivers people insisting that it must be Wike or Wike in 2019, it is because he works for them wholeheartedly.




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