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OPINION: My dilemma over  Bayelsa guber candidates, by Jeremiah Owoupele

Senator Douye Diri of PDP and Chief Lyon David of APC

The last few days has been full of events , such that many became wary of the political institution in our dear state .
I was particularly affected and did a lots of sober reflection on the direction of the ship of state .

The issue was simply who and what is the fate of the state in the emerging political permutations and realignments with particular reference to service delivery in leadership.

The options where clear as the implications where equally daring. Many had in their own conclusions taken decisions which was their right wrong or right .

The big questions was with the nomination of the two major contenders which of them will serve the state interest better ?

The second question was with the nominations of the running mates of both parties particularly the running mate of the PDP does this satisfy our collective quest of balancing ?

And how does this affect the general thinking cum our political history has a people ?

I have taken the pains to review all this decisions with key members of the People’s palace . I have also sought opinions from every social strata with a view to arriving at a decision particularly as the conscience of the people .

Why should I support Senator Douye Diri. Does he have the aptitude for sound governance and service delivery ?.

In assessing the man and reaching a decision I have taken a surgical analysis of the man and his pedigree as well as his political assignments over the years and what it thus represents for our dear state .

The distinguished senator has been a man who has served ijaw Nation at the very highest level in the ijaw National Congress , an assignment he did very satisfactorily. Within this period my review shows absolute selfless service to the benefit of ijaw Nation . He is known to be passionate about ijaw issues a CHARACTER TRAIT I consider most important given our history and confrontations.

The Distinguished Senator has also served in several other capacities and in all I have evaluated and given him a good score given the realities in governance .

Was he the most popular candidate we had ? The answer to this question is no but in political realities the most popular does not always win . The real issue is whether or not he has the capacity to govern our State viz a viz the other contending options or alternative candidates in the two major parties ?

The other question some may throw up is am I happy that DNA didn’t emerge ? Unfortunately the principal has always maintained in the business of elections two clear results will always emerge and one must be liberal and strong hearted to embrace both and that is the cap I wore in supporting any and I have no pains in the emergence of the distinguished Senator as its the right of one to win and others to loose . We must move on.

The APC has done their primaries and as a viable alternative one had looked forward to a fair keenly contested primaries ,but our expectations where all dolled with the kind, nature and applications of brute force and clear daylight manipulation and robbery to the effect that two major candidates Preye Aganaba and the revered Senator Hieneken Lokpobiri have all challenged the results in court .

Naysayers will contend that even the PDP has its own litigations but in practical comparative terms there is no basis to compare the free and fair primaries with that of the APC.

One is now subjected to such political burdens of what to make of the APC which ought to be the only viable alternative to the failures of PDP where it thus exist?

Can we now say we can trust a party that openly displayed such gross disrespect for the people’s right to choose in electing their choice of flag bearer ? The answer is even more intriguing one one makes an evaluation of the emergence and the abandoned .

As a free thinker am persuaded to evaluate the above scenarios against the parties and arrive at such decision that makes a justiciable case .

Another issue that must be given attention is the issue of the running mates . The question in most discerning minds is had the pairing make a good combination given our dialectical and political realities . In this I find the decision taken by the APC as sound and balanced and faultless. The People Democratic candidate, the distinguished senator had briefed the stakeholders of his decision and how it was arrived . He submitted that its the right of the candidate to choose who will harmoniously work with him such that it allows for cordiality and effective working environment given the contending interest of every political being . He had given examples of former President Good luck and even the outgoing Governor. In both cases they choose unhindered. In his words he is confident of Senator Lawrence and he has so submitted . The right is unquestionably understood .

However we had all contended that their is a flow of history and we should carefully abide to give the needed balancing . In this some have also given their valid arguments to support the choice of the distinguished Senator .

The palace like many had
contended that it will serve our collective vision and purpose to follow the conventional pattern . I still hold this view firmly . In this I have the highest of regard to the Distinguished Senator Lawrwnce whom i have know for some years as a man of impeachable character and sound mind . He has the necessary credentials to assume and function in the office of the Deputy Governor.

I have refrained from talking about David Lyon the assumed APC standard bearer and this is purely my personal decision . He has a right to aspire to lead our dear state as every other Bayelsan. Its the duty of all to evaluate his vision, credentials and capacities and take their decisions .


Although I am unable to baptize in absolutism of the party but I find solace in the caliber of the two candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party .

It’s our firm decision that the pair of the two senators is good combination in terms of experience and capacity even if it doesn’t satisfy the yearnings of political balancing .

Therefore as a stable character that we are known for we will not at this time deflect from such Noble virtue to satisfy certain yearnings . In this we are guided by the legacies of the APC which in our estimation is poor and cannot be an alternative in the circumstance.

The palace will work within her jurisdictions and assist the PDP to win the elections and I call on all our teeming members to SUPPORT THE PAIR and let us deepen our development history .

This decision may not be embraced by some but it’s our decision and we owe non an apology .

Accordingly I hereby submit my resignation to indifference and pledge my absolutism to manifestation of victory for the Party .

I, the voice and the conscience of the people’s palace have spoken .

JP Owouple Esq, writes from Yenagoa.




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