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OPINION: Like Abacha’s Sergeant Roger; Who is Sergeant Danlande?



Late General Sani Abacha ( Evil Dark Goggled General)



By Joseph Ndogue

In the history of the world and mankind history teaches so many
things, some extremely pleasing and others extremely awful, but
weather good, pleasing or awful the truth is history has a way, a
perfect way of repeating itself.

Several years back, a military regime came to power against the wishes
of Nigeria they came like thieves in the thick of dark came to power by
usurping the rights of democratically elected government then after
elections were annulled.

They ruled with vast biased and like Pharaoh of Egypt in the
Biblical worked against Nigeria and Nigerians, looted the country
blind and claimed they were working for Nigeria, the country became a
pariah state yet they held on to power and when the opposition grew
the opt for the creation of a hit squad to kill, attack, maim and
pursue all perceived enemies out of the country.

Then was the era of the hit squad led by a Roger, the country
trained men to kill its own, a select few  in the military were sent
abroad for espionage and diverse killing methodologies which they
applied and domesticated locally to kill many of the then
Pro-democracy leaders and NADECO men. Where killings wasn’t done ,
frame ups was done, many  fled the country into exile.

That was the years, several years gone past, the years of the swine
and the locust, the blood thirsty era where men were seen as animals;

The sergeant Rogers and Al Mustapha’s were like  god that
sycophantic Nigerians must adore and worship and they became the eyes
of the dark goggled General whose words become like law. That was
years gone.

Today, Nigeria is getting heat up and many are recalling the days
of the dark goggled General that seats like an emperor in the Villa
with millions hailing and encouraging him to go on with his evil deeds
as he is God anointed to transmute to Civilian President.

Like then that a sergeant Roger came on board to serve as the killer
head, today instead of  Roger  it is a Danlade, a sergeant like
Rogers,a trained man like Rogers but only God knows like Rogers if he
is doing same duty.

He is sergeant Danlade a great marksman and a master in the crafts
of killing, trained in the best school to take care of real and
perceived opponents and answerable to two men.

Who is Sergeant Danlade remains the one million  questions eagle
eyed Nigerians are now asking.


(Joseph writes from Owerri)


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