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OPINION: Has He Truly Skedaddled? By Ayo Lijadu

President Muhammadu Buhari


The rumour mill is bursting with the (fake?) news that the Olori Oko has skedaddled once again on medical trip abroad on account of Covid-19. An audio material which is the source of this rumour is presently circulating in the social media even as I write.

How true?

Thought they closed the international airports to prevent contaminated elements coming in and out of the country? Thought they even just announced that the Oga At The Top has tested negative to the virus?

One would have thought that the best time to quell the fire of rumour (or fake news?) of such sensitive and gigantic magnitude is when it has just been lit, before it becomes a wild fire akin to that which ravaged Australia in the very recent past.

I have no doubts that this kind of rumour/fake news? would have gotten to the hearing and knowledge of the media handlers of the President.

Anyone with direct HOT LINE to Mr. Femi Adesina? Please tell him that silence on this sensitive issue is not golden. If anything, NOW is the time to quench this fire before it grows wild, especially as there are subtle suggestions that the eviction of major news media considered hostile to the Presidency from Aso Rock a few days ago was an orchestrated precursor to this alleged clandestine and preplanned misadventure.

It is in the best interest of the public, and even the Presidency, that a quick and not overly delayed official denial, or confirmation of this rumour is made, to promptly put the matter to rest.

And who, for that matter, is in the best position to do that if not the President himself? After all there was an announcement on national news barely 24 hours ago that he tested negative to the virus, and therefore presumably hale and hearty.

A brief 3-5 minutes appearance before the press to personally debunk this rumour will be more than enough to quench this raging fire.

This is what Presidents and Heads of government all over the world do, ALL THE TIME. People love to be reassured that their President is PRESENT, and WITH them, during their worst nightmares, and not that he has developed wings, and left them to their sorry fate.

Keeping quiet in the face of this raging rumour is bound to make people to believe that our President has really and truly sneaked out of the country on his usual medical tourism, at public expense, while leaving his beleaguered peopled behind to suffer the horrors and indignities of a horrendous healthcare system, in the face of the worst health pandemic they have ever faced in the last one hundred years.

Let the President make a personal appearance to debunk this rumour. It is only right, proper, and reassuring that he does so.

Not too much for the people to ask, or is it?

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