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OPINION: Edo deserves better than Obaseki, by Patrick Imohdu Yahaya

Godwin Obaseki
Since its conception and formation, the Edo People’s Movement, EPM, has become a force to be reckoned with in the politics of Edo State.

Unlike many political groups and associations whose founding fathers are known thugs and social nuisances, the EPM has as its leader intellectuals and professionals across various fields known to man.


This clearly stands out the movement.


The EPM is founded on an ideological thought which completely forbids incompetence, dictatorship, disloyalty and maladministration; and since it came into existence, the movement has conducted its affairs strictly on this basis. This strong ideological leaning has endeared it to so many people, far and near.


Thousands of people, tired of poor leadership and oppression, have come to see it as the conscience of the society and mouthpiece of the downtrodden.


This therefore makes the move to reconcile the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and Governor Godwin Obaseki an oddity for the ideals, operations and activities of the EPM.


To begin with, like never before, the group is well-positioned to see the back of Godwin Obaseki and ensure he doesn’t return as the Governor of Edo State. The reasons are obvious to all.


Godwin Obaseki, whose reign can at best be described as a misadventure, needs not be reconciled with anyone because his corrupt ideals and values are incompatible with that of the group, or anyone in pursuit of the development of the state.


It is on this note that the focus of the group, especially now that it is at the brink of success, must not be derailed.


There is a general consensus that Edo State deserves better than Godwin Obaseki, and we will not allow the state slide towards retrogression and maladministration again.


Edo People’s Movement is a beacon of hope that cannot be extinguished; it is a movement whose time has come. To our numerous supporters, be assured that the EPM is fully committed in ensuring a new order for the Edo people; an order which ensures good governance, accountability, transparency, inclusiveness and respect for the rule of law.


Be rest assured that the EPM will not lose sight of these noble objectives, and they will never be negotiated nor traded no matter who is involved.



Imohdu writes from Benin, Edo state. He  is a Development Administrator by Training, a Polytechnic teacher by vocation and a member of the EDO PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT.




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