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OPINION: Burutu ward 10 not marginalised

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By Selekekeme Akpotu

I read with utter dismay about a poorly crafted post, adduced in contradiction with the intent to hand twist the truth which is accredited to one Ebulous Buku, enchanting and veered in a manner to misinform and mislead the general public of Burutu and Delta State at large to curry sympathy.

The writer who had shallow knowledge about the political history of Burutu ward 10, which is comprising Burutu and Obotete communities, descend in error by saying Ward 10 is politically misfortuned.


This singular position dishonestly canvassed makes the writer shallow, and deep-necked in blind political voyage and sojourn. This is the problem of our nowadays youth in politics, they tell stories to suit their inordinate interests.

Ward 10 is one of the most fortunate political wards in Burutu, but if the sharing formula within the ward is not fair and being hand-hooked by some perceived cabal in the ward, that is not anybody’s business. Those who feel marginalised should speak out to the cabal and balance themselves.

Beginning from democracy, Frank Enekorogha became a pioneer 3 times member of Delta State house of assembly, from 2003. He arose to the position of Speaker in the Delta House of Assembly from ward 10.

Same ward 10, Frank Enekorogha clinched the ticket of the house of reps in Burutu federal constituency for 4 years and he was replaced by Julius Pondi, current member representing Burutu federal constituency.

That was not enough, in the same ward 10, Julius Takeme arose to assume a caretaker chairman in Burutu Council, and PDP party chairman in Burutu LGA. He further arose to PDP Delta South chairman, a current position the ward is still enjoying.

Notwithstanding, the same ward 10 produced the immediate past deputy governor of Delta State, Barr Kingsley Burutu Otuaro.

The the same ward 10 is looking for the Delta State PDP party chairman. The same ward is looking for Burutu LGA chairman, is this greed or wickedness?

But am sure the writer did it for his stomach sake, not truly advised or hired to write such a half baked and banana peel write up, with smells of pathogenic microorganism.

However, shortly before Democracy Chief Akemeotubo, from the Obotete community in the same ward 10 became the elected Burutu council chairman.

In a normal clime Ward 10 should have been very grateful to PDP, Burutu political leaders and its electorate for the massive support for the ward. The ward 10 happened to be the ward with the highest political office holders in Burutu LG council.

Anyway, the writer is telling the public that all the political positions held by the ward including deputy governor are insignificant, except council chairman. Not forgotten, the ward have produced council chairman both in military and democracy.

Though, am not surprised by the ogoro write-up, the writer could be quack or learner in the writing business and those receiving the accolades should advice him not to destroy other better chances of the ward.

However, l also read about another disgusting writeup talking about ward 11 marginalisation, but wise enough the writer may be advised to delete it. Anyway, we will talk about that in the coming days.

By Selekekeme Akpotu
Writes from Burutu town, Burutu LGA


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