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OPINION: Who amongst these APC leaders is a better liar? By Lucky Okion



*All giving Contradictory reasons for fuel scarcity in Nigeria

There seem to be a great race among chieftain of the APC to destroy
their names and the party with lies upon lies in the less than one
week of fuel scarcity in Nigeria.

Just days when the issue of scarcity commenced the Minister for state
for Petroleum told Nigerians it was a minor hiccups in the
distribution chain that would be put right in few days.

The minister for Solid Mineral on his own was said to have attributed
the scarcity to the need for the Buhari Government to up the fuel
prices to 240 naira per liter though he quickly came on hours later to
claim he never said so when he saw the reactions to his comments.

The Kaduna state Governor Milam El –Rufai on his part attributed the
fuel scarcity to the Ex APC leader Abubakar Atiku (this time not Good
luck Jonathan) who El –Rufai claimed gave bribes to Marketers all over
Nigeria to create the scarcity. In the words of El Rufai “’we are
aware that Atiku Abubakar bribed oil marketers to create artificial

While the Minister for Information Alhaji Mohammed attributed the fuel
scarcity to the wish of the Buhari Government to preserve the life of
Nigerians by using the scarcity to reduce those who would travel and
thereby reduce the rate of accidents in our roads.

In the words of the Minister ‘we allowed fuel scarcity to control the
number of travelers in order to reduce accidents and deaths rates this

For  Chief Segun Oni, the problem of the scarcity is a general one
caused by scarcity as a result of panic buying and hoarding of the
product by Nigerians. In his own Words ‘’I Know that the NNPC and
Ministry of Petroleum resources are addressing this issue, it is a
general problem and it is regrettable but the main problem causing
this scarcity is panic buying and hoarding”’.,




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