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OPINION: 2023 Elections; Enemies within, by Lebi Joseph

Nigerian electorates



As political parties in Nigeria getting set for primary elections, the money bags too are opening their vaults to buy the conscience of the few political jobbers who have emerged as delegates of various political platforms across the country.


The bitter lessons learnt since 1999 especially the situation we found ourselves in since 2015 is nothing to these sets of Nigerians but what they can amass in this period because they see it as their season to rip.

Meanwhile the electorates too are not different, these ones can sell their conscience for as low as N2,000 to vote for someone who have paid millions of dollars to get party ticket.

We are the enemies of ourselves. The money they have been collecting have it transformed their lives?. The rich will keep getting richer while those masses who struggle to collect rice and cash to elect unverified characters into political space in this country will keep getting poorer.

The nation’s economy is in comatose, infrastructures are in sorry state, inflation on the rise everyday and nothing is being done by the ruling class and these people can afford N100 millions for nomination forms.

Many African countries gave substantial palliatives to their citizens during COVID-19 pandemic but our own government had to hoard noodles that was donated by concerned organisation and individuals.

Instead of Nigeria government to spend money to improve schools infrastructures, it preferred to spend hundreds of billions of Naira for phantom school feeding.

What is the effect of the trader money our market women collected to reelect President Buhari in their lives and businesses.

Untill Nigeria electorates resolved to do the right thing and stop hustling for election incentives and inducement which can not change your living condition but only to ” dibo ko sebe” i.e vote and cook soup, the soup that can not last you for 7 days.

Sell your conscience and suffer for 8 years, that’s a banker.

Lebi writes from Lagos

He is South West EditorĀ  with Daily Watch


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