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Operate open door policy, IPF admonishes Ijaw political office holders

IPF members and Delta Ijaw comrades visit to the DESOPADEC commissioner representing Ijaw Ethnic nationality at his office.

By Esther Eugene, Warri

Media executives under the flagship of the Ijaw Publishers Forum (IPF) have advised Ijaw-born public officials to operate an open door policy.

The group particularly advised elected officers not to shut their doors against the people when called upon.


The media CEOs called for public officials to have listening ears when approached at any point in time, adding that it would be unpatriotic for elected public servants to claim too busy to attend to calls or attend to the needs of those who voted them into office.

In a statement co-signed by the IPF’s National President Comrade Ozobo Austin and Secretary, Tare Magbei, the group said;

“Ijaw leaders and politicians should know that a public office is not for pleasure. It goes with a great task and responsibility.

“The IPF advises that those praying to occupy public offices should equally be ready to carry the cross that goes with such office.

“We reiterate that it would be shameful for a leader who despises his or her people to come back to plead for support and votes in a subsequent election.”

According to the apex Ijaw media body, “We have started taking statistics of Ijaw and Niger Delta leaders who would take delight in despising his or her people after assuming a privileged office in the government.”


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