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Omo-Agege on fire for Okowa’s Single Tenure Prediction



WARRI- Senator Ovie Omo-Agege is in trouble for his statement that Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa would not make second tenure as governor of Delta State as a result of financial mismanagement and poor service delivery. Since then, the PDP family in Delta State has not been angry and grumbling over the senator’s prediction.  Daily Watch went to town to make a voice pox.  PDP members who reacted almost call for the head of the Peoples Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.



Hon Paul Etaga, the chairman of Ughelli South LGA who was apparently irked in voice reaction while speaking with Independent reporter described Senator Omo-Agege’s remark’s on Gov. Okowa as a joker adding that Okowa deserves second tenure based on the pedigree of his performance in office especially in the area of the provision of infrastructures and job creation for the youths.


Hon Etaga during the interactive session noted that Gov. Okowa despite the economic crunch has tried so much in the development of the state, asserting that, he touched every nook and cranny of the state to the admiration of all Deltans.

Etaga, posited that Okowa indeed deserves second tenure so that the good people of Delta state can continue to enjoy more dividends of democracy as encapsulated in the SMART Agenda of prosperity for all Deltans.

While reacting to the Warri based APC chieftain Engineer Edobor Asokins predictions of doom for PDP Etega said: “all the evil imaginations of Edobor about PDP will manifest in APC because Edobor is a Prophet of Doom.

Etaga remarked that the PDP in Delta State is set for victory no evil imagination can change that divine mandate.

Omo-Agege is enjoying stolen mandate-Hon. Abugewa


Hon. Peter Abugewa former chairman of Uvwie LGA in his own reaction to Omo-Agege statement that governor Okowa should forget second tenure said, the statement is the highest joker of the century.

Speaking further, he asserted that “How can you say a performing governor such as Okowa to forget second tenure”, adding that it is better for Omo-Agege to keep quiet and allow the electorates, the good people of Delta State to decide who their Gov. will be in 2019.

Abugewa stated further that he wondered why Senator Omo-Agege who is enjoying a stolen mandate from the back door can be so callous with weighty issues of second tenure in the manner he did.

He affirmed that, the amiable Governor, His Excellency Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa is working and touching lives positively  and transforming our great state irrespective of dwindling resources.

The piqued Abugewa maintained that, may be Omo-Agege wanted to mention Buhari but mistakenly mentioned Okowa.

While reacting to Edobor Asokin’s prediction of doom for PDP, Abugewa said: “those whom the lord has blessed no man can curse, because there is no enchantment against Israel.

Omo-Agege is day dreaming- Itihwe


Sir, Chief Amos Itihwe, the DESOPADEC Commissioner representing Ughelli South, Udu, Uvwie and Urhobos in Warri South L.G.A in Delta State who also reacted to the ill-fated statement credited to Senator Omo-Agege said: “I thought by now, Senator Ovie-Omo Agege should have outgrown this kind of political childishness.

Sir Itihwe the DESOPADEC commissioner emphasized that Senator Omo Agege is day dreaming for ever reasoning that Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa will not make his second tenure.

Accordingly to Sir Itihwe, the realities on ground clearly show that it is Omo-Agege that will not go back to the senate.

Speaking further Itihwe said: “it is worthwhile to let Omo-Agege know that he is dangling in the euphoria of make and fake support he is enjoying from people majority of whom are not registered voters who can help him when the chips are down.

Itihwe boasted that, Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa is light years ahead of all contestants with credible credentials that will make him secure his second tenure in Unity House, come 2019.

While affirming that Omo-Agege is not a match to governor Okowa who is a political general Itihwe pitifully observed that Omo-Agege is a paper politician who believes in winning election through the back door.

However, this time around he will fail Itihwe added.


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