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How Okorocha Blows Imo Millions of nairas for alleged Erecting of Zuma Statue



IMO-It is no more news that the Governor of Imo state blew a whooping five hundred and thirty million naira to erect a statue of the President of South Africa Zuma  even in a period when Nigerians of Igbo origin are mostly being slaughtered like pigs in the Zuma Country of South Africa.

 What is secret to Nigerians and people of Imo State is the real reason for the Chieftaincy title, street naming and a stature for the South African President even at a period when Nigerians are been killed every other Week in the same South Africa whose President Rochas Okorocha is glorifying   doing just  nothing other than the Rhetoric and  with no tangible measure to curb  the serial killings.

According to Daily watch investigations, the honour of Governor Rochas  Okorocha to the President of South Africa is an honor and respect to a man that has been kind and favorable to the Governor of Imo state  in his personal and business capacity as the South African president is said to have been a great business partner to the Imo State Governor so much that  very many contracts for which the Imo state Governor’s companies are fronting for Zuma and diverse percentages accruing to the business minded governor of Imo state and also Hugh  Imo state resources, Paris fund refunds are easily fretted through South African fronts courtesy of the South African President in a symbiotic affinity.


According to Daily Watch investigations, the Stature of Zuma is  a fraction  of the many  unbudgeted projects in the State that the Imo Governor Rochas Okorocha does at his whims and caprice without the state House of Assembly raising an eyebrow as to it not  been  in the 2017 Imo state budget yet executed with funds from the state coffers running into several  millions of Naira.

The  unveiled stature of Zuma, the South African President  and other accompaniments  that  the Imo state hard resources were plundered  for is simply a way to tell the South  African President a big thank you for the numerous  monetary deals the South African President and the Imo State Governor had pulled through and  for the continuation of such mutually beneficial business dealings since it is not bad  as every Nigerian is free to honor his business colleague but the only snag in the whole  stature business is the use of  the unbudgeted resources of good people of Imo State to fund a selfish project that would be of Benefit  only to the Governor of the state and not the Imo state masses.

Attempts by Daily Watch to Speak to the South African Embassy ,the Imo state Commissioner for Finance or the spokes man for the  Imo state Governor for their side of the story was not feasible as at the time of going to Press.


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