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Odusina mourns Hajia Maimuna Umoru

Soji Odusina

Foremost Yoruba leader, Soji Odusina on Monday described the death of Hajia Maimuna Umoru as a monumental loss to the family, Edo State and, indeed, the country at large.

‘’Hajia Maimuna Umoru lived a life of generosity, humility and friendship. She was an inspiration to her immediate family, relations and friends’’ Odusina said in Okpella.

He also urged Nigerians to draw lessons from Hajia Umoru’s commitment to humanity, selfless service to her fatherland and other such traits that made her sojourn on earth such a memorable one.

‘’Hajia Maimuna Umoru was a woman with mental power, business tact and capacity for self-sacrifice. She was a great lover of correct conduct and fairness towards all persons. She was also gentle, honest and kind hearted. She was there for all of us’’ the notable Yoruba leader from Ekiti State said.

The cold hand of death caught up with Hajia Umoru, albeit at the prime age of 102, having served Allah and humanity in various capacities.

‘’The desire of the late community leader to assist those in need is worthy of emulation’’ Odusina who is already in Okpella for the 40th day Fidau prayer said.

A great entrepreneur and uncommon philanthropist, Hajia Umoru touched and transformed several lives through her business enterprises and philanthropic activities.

‘’The legacy Hajia Maimuna Umoru left behind will ever remain with us’’ Odusina added.







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