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Odidi field OML 42: Kusimi demands rights as host community , calls on NPDC/NECONDE to ignore Don Banky

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By Cletus Opukeme,  WarriK

An opinion leaders in Kusimi community Mr. Kusimi Smart in Warri South LGA Delta state has urged the public and NPDC/NECONDE to disregard calls by Don Banky or any person not to recognise Kusimi as host community to benefit from the oil companies in their territory.

Mr. Kusimi  while reacting to Don Banky’s publication in an online media ( not Daily Watch) advised particularly  NPDC/NECONDE to ignore  calls by anybody not to recognise Kusimi community  to benefit as host community for  peace and smooth operations of the company and her host communities.


Mr. Kusimi an activist while quoting Don Banky said, ” this article titled, “Odidi Field, OML 42: Kusimi lacks justification to seek recognition as Host Community…Ex-Agitators,” published by FocalPoint Roports, a paper within the proximity of Don Banky and his so called mischief makers and traducers.

”Ordinarily, I would not have bothered to join issues with someone or group of persons that have shown by their publication that they are still living in the dark ages and they will not wake up to contribute to nation-building.

”It is quite unfortunate and indeed an insult to our respected freedom fighters that Mr. Don Banky will clannishly describe himself as an ex-agitator’s general. Don Banky in his publication said, “Ordinarily we are not interested in joining issues with anybody on media but it is imperative to straighten and educate the general public that might be carried away with their request without understanding the circumstances surrounding Kusimi agitations in Odidi Field and also caution NPDC/NECONDE JV to avoid triggering communal crisis because of certain violence attitudes of few individuals who might be using it as yardstick to gain recognition in Odidi Field.”

”First, the above quote alone, is an indication that Don Banky and his cohorts are criminals who are against the socioeconomic stability and peace in the Niger Delta. I therefore call on our respected security officials to investigate Don Banky as a threat to peace and development in the Niger Delta.

”Secondly, it is a pity that Don Banky whom described himself as an ex-agitator’s general does not even have the basic knowledge regarding legal litigation. I wonder what were the legal counsels he had when him and his agents of anti-development agents were given pardon. Therefore, it is pertinent to educate Don Banky, or rather he should take tutorial classes on YouTube that is free of charge, regarding legal procedures. I Smart Kusimi as an individual is not seeking for my individual right or recognition, rather Kusimi Community is seeking for his rights from NECONDE and NPDC as a result to the court judgment granted to kusimi as host community in OML 42. Kusimi is the legal and rightful owner of Odidi oil field and others and with it’s auxiliaries situated at Kusimi. Just to educate Don Banky and others, this is a link to that effect, were as Community we granted as a host Community by the court: ”https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vanguardngr.com/2016/06/jubilation-court-grants-delta-community-oil-host-status/amp/

”As a law abiding citizen and a development advocate, I asked NECONDE and NPDC to honor the court judgement for Kusimi Community to be given all preferential benefits as a host community like others in OML 42 in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State. These were some of the demands I made, extracted from my previous publication: electrification/water, peace bonus, G.M.O.U, contract/employment, hospital
community scholarship, sand filling, 30 house unit as well as youth empowerment packages. If these demands are unreasonable, let Nigerians tell me because I can’t fathom it why Kusimi can’t be given the benefits as a host Community.

”Furthermore, it is laughable Don Banky would come up with baseless issues because the people who sent him knew Kusimi Community dully won in court to be accorded all hosts benefits. So, if there is any individual criminal court case, he or she should go to court to prove that because they brought up this issues to continue to perfect their plans for Kusimi Community not to be accorded all preferential benefits as a host Community.”


He tasked Delta state governemt to prevail on  NPDC/NECONDE give all host communities preferential benefits to Kusimi community to allow the prevailing peace reigns as Kusimi community had been denied of its rights for long.




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