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October is Pregnant, if Nigerians failed to Pray Says Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin


WARRI- The Prophet and founder of the second most popular and prophetic church in Africa Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, spiritual leader/founder of Christ Mercy land and Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta State, as always seem to be a man after the heart of God if his prophetic utterances and healing prowess are to be taking into consideration in this end time dispensation.

The prophet who many of his ardent followers called the” Dancing
Prophet” and the David of our time as a result of his belief in the
use of Dance as a weapon against the kingdom of darkness and a means
of getting the response of the Almighty God faster just like the time
of old when David used singing and dancing to draw the attention of

The great prophet some days ago spoke on need for Nigerians to be
prayerful mostly in the coming month of October which the Prophet in
one of his prophetic ministration described as a month of blood flow
in the North and Eastern parts of the country except Prayers are
offered for God to push away the string of blood flows that would come
with the month of October.


According the mouth piece of God “The month October is Pregnant and I
see serious blood flow in the northern and Eastern Parts of the
country if serious intercessory Prayers to God are not carried out’’
and as a for step towards averting this prophetic declaration the Man
of God had to lead members of his multi tribal, multi color and
multinational  congregation in to  a marathon  of Prayers to intercede
on behalf of all Nigerians for God almighty to  avert and roll over
the colossal calamities which Satan using the medium of  the witches
and wizards has cooked in their spiritual realm for Nigeria in the
month of October.



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