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OBJ LETTER TO PMB: Group urges APC to consider alternative Presidential candidate in 2019




WARRI- As the dust raised by former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to President Muhammadu Buhari is yet to die down,  a  group under the auspices of Option for Good Governance in Nigera (OGGN), has called on Nigerians to consider an alternative for the ruling  All Progressives Congress (APC), come 2019 general elections.


OGGN in a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Hon. Richard Akassa, yesterday,  and made available to newsmen in Warri,  observed that the way things are going,  it was obvious that the ruling APC lacks the right frame of mind and political technicalities to fix the problem of Nigerians hence should be shown the way out.

The group stated that the APC has achieved nothing after it took leadership of the country from the People’s Democratic Party, adding that President Muhammadu Buhari has stagnated Nigeria internally as well as ridiculed her internationally.

“The gross failures and omissions of this regime have brought abject poverty, hunger and hopelessness. Such failures and omissions constitute an affront, an insult to the dignity and intelligence of Nigerian people.”

“It is now very glaring that Buhari and his APC led Federal Government cannot provide security and welfare for the people of Nigeria. That is why the insecurity of this country has reached massive proportions. The menace of Boko Haram activities of killing both civilians and security agents anywhere and anytime they choose, cannot be curbed.”

“But Buhari promised Nigerians that immediately he takes over power in the country the Boko Haram activities will be over. Fulani herdsmen from Northern Nigeria where President Buhari comes from, have become killer squads everywhere in the country-killing native farm owners at will without being arrested let alone being prosecuted. They value the lives of their cows more than human beings and as such, they kill human beings as if they are killing cows.”

According to the group,”People are often murdered even in religious houses or returning from religious services. In some parts of Nigeria today, heads of militia groups are now deciding the affairs of their communities after silencing traditional rulers and elders.”

“It is also rumored that in some parts of Nigeria now, people are murdered, cooked and eaten. What a shameful nation we have found ourselves.”

The group argued that the PDP worked hard to take Nigeria out of the doldrums and gave Nigerians much hope.

“In those days the military was taking excuse to overthrow civilians governments every now and then. But when they saw the good governance of PDP, they could not give any excuse to return back to power. That’s why today, we have a stable democracy in the country. If the PDP was like APC of today that has achieved nothing after close to three years in power, the military would have returned back to power immediately.”

The group further said the state of the economy amply demonstrates that Nigerians are not living in very ordinary circumstances stressing that it will be very self-defeating for the masses to fold their hands and watch the country degenerates into a barbaric  beggar nation because of APC poor leadership.

“Let us arise and fight the bad governance of APC that is perpetrating these unbearable economic conditions and insecurity in the Country to a stand still “.



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