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Obaseki, Oshiomhole standoff: Acase of two elephants fighting

Adams Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki

By  Oriaifoh Godwins, Senior Correspondent, Benin

The impasse currently rocking Edo state House of Assembly, EDHA, is a standoff gone too far, as Governor Godwin Obaseki is bent on having
his way even at the expense of the hitherto peaceful Edo state that he
inherited from his predecessor and former boss, Comrade Adams
Oshiomhole, who is now the national Chairman of the All Progressives
Congress, APC.

The crisis, which is as a result of Mr. Obaseki wanting to impose a
particular member elect of EDHA, Hon. Frank Okiye on the Assembly,
thereby turning EDHA to his puppet, and Okiye, to his service boy,
that didn’t go down well with the hitherto 19 members elect, but now
14, can be described as irresponsible manipulations of the rascality
of an executive; more so, as the executive arm of government retorted
to kidnapping and intimidating the other 14 members into submission.

It is very worrisome to see that, all the avenues that was employed by
well meaning Nigerians and the National Assembly, NASS, is being
rubbished by the governor of Edo state, who before now, Edolites, in
and outside Edo state, thought to be a cool and level headed
The latest of all these executive madness is the staging of protest by
a group of youths who were paid to do so. The protesters were seen
around the Ring road axis of Benin today, asking for Governor Obaseki
to insist on retaining his imposed Speaker, Okiye, and not issue a
fresh proclamation as directed by the House of Representatives after
due investigation of the questionable process that led to the
emergence of Okiye as Speaker, by the House of representatives AD-Hoc

All well meaning Nigerians and lovers of democracy in Nigeria and the
world over, must continue to speak out now that Edo state governor and
his partners in destruction are trying to set a bad precedence by
redefining the practice of democracy their own way to suit their
personal interests; because, if this impunity should pull through in
Edo state, the tendency is  therefor, it to spread across to other
states, irrespective of the political party that may be in power in
such states.

Chief Tony Anenih, Mr. Fix

Some persons that have been, and are still singing the praises of
Obaseki and his cohorts are applauding Obaseki for his temerity in(according to them) destroying a godfather, who they say is Comrade
Adams Oshiomhole, and who according to them, also did same to late Chief Tony Anenih.

As the madness escalates, the Oba of Benin, when he received in
audience, the Ad-Hoc Committee from the Senate today, 18th July, said,
he has left the issue in the hands of God and in the hands of his
ancestors to resolve. This statement is highly loaded for those that
can read between the lines, as the monarch, a lover of peace, is
definitely unhappy with the trend of events in his domain.

Mr. Godwin Obaseki, who has been clamoring for investors to come to
Edo state to invest, must also understand that, no investor will put
his dime in an environment that is not peaceful; therefore, to prove
to the people of Edo state that he meant well, and he is genuinely
interested in the development of Edo state, he must jettison his ego
and personal ambition just like former President Goodluck Jonathan did
when he said; “…my ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian…”
today, President Goodluck even after his leaving office, is honoured,
respected cherished and loved by all and sundry. Mr. Obaseki must be
made to realize that, political power is transient; and whether he
likes it or not, he will definitely exit the stage someday, just like
several others before him did, and then, only the records that he left
behind, when he was in power, will speak for him, as all those that
are singing his praises today, and urging him on, in his wanton
rascality, will be gone to seek new greener pastures in the political
terrain, that is, if they did not end up turning against him to
condemn and castigate him just like President Goodluck Jonathan, after
he left office, said; “…my billionaire friends has abandoned me…”

In all of these, Hon. Frank Okiye, who was seen yesterday, supervising
the evacuation of furniture from Edo state House of Assembly, and
moving same to the government House at Osadebey avenue, as a result of
the order from the House of representatives to shut down EDHA, may
have been instructed by his master, Mr. Godwin Obaseki to so do, so as
for the crookedly inaugurated 10 members to continue their sittings at
the government House.

It is imperative for Mr. Obaseki to hearken to this voice of good
reasoning now, so as to reverse the bad names that the sycophants all
around him are assiduously working (deliberately or inadvertently) to
christen him with…it is said that; ‘…he that the gods want to destroy,
they first make him deaf and recalcitrant’ if you are in doubt, King
Pharaoh of Egypt, as recorded in the Bible, had a bitter experience.






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