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Obasanjo’s coalition a facade for Kwankwoso, Lamido and Shaukaru presidency



*Coalition stems out of fear/ desperation over Atiku possible emergence as PDP candidate

*Plots to ruffle Atiku through surrogates in PDP


ABUJA-The Call by ex-Governor Olusegun Obasanjo for a third force to drive the Nigerian state to a better level with the failure of Mohammadu Buhari seem a mere decoy by the ex- President to create a new platform for his choice of President having lost all hope of blocking Atiku due to his failure to get his stooges pick the chairmanship stead of the PDP.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the retired Generals club headed by Obasanjo and Babaginda were said to have mobilized and work towards getting a stooge for the PDP chairmanship position who would have worked for the emergence of either  Sule Lamido, Kwankwoso or former Governor of Kano state Sheukaru as president under the PDP and having been out witted by the Rivers state governor in their game plan now opt for the third force as he called it to actualize their ploy to not only stop Abubakar Atiku who they fear may pick the PDP Ticket and actually emerged President but push for a candidate they can control.

The Third force was the well crafted ploy to actualize their dual aim of cutting Atiku to size and again installing the next President of Nigeria..

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the timing of the two letters from Obasanjo and Babaginda was not a coincidence but a well oiled  plot for maximum effect of neutralizing what is left of Buhari’s creditability so as to either push him  out of the context to pave way for   Kwankwoso as APC Presidential ticket or weaken his acceptance among Nigerians were he fails to heed to the advice not to context so as to aid the third force which is expected to house Obasanjo and his old General cabals Presidential choice.

Daily Watch confirmed that already Kwankwoso is said to have commenced consultations towards his presidential pursuit with a visit to  the  South East days ago with an eye on the APC  ticket if Buhari opt to heed to the advice of the Generals not to context but a quick move for the third Force Coalition if Buhari refuses to bulge.

But while Obasanjo and Kwakwonso are working their plot, the Kaduna state Governor and Rotimi Amaechi are also said to be positioning themselves as President and Vice Presidential options for the APC once and if President Buhari opts not to context the 2019 Presidential poll.

How the Obasanjo plot would work out for  Rabiu Kwakwonso with  El-Rufai and Amaechi fist like hold on the APC already with their vantage position as the key political boys of Buhari if Buhari opts not to go for 2019 is still hazy to tell for now.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the so called third force or coalition would fizzled in to the APC once Buhari comes out clean that he is not contesting thereby opening the way for Rabiu Kwakwonso and Mallam El-Rufai to slog it out with all odds favoring Kwakwoso /Donald Duke combination with the Backing of the retired Generals  led by Obasanjo for the APC ticket.

Daily Watch can confirm that serious political consultations/visits would be  on the cards of the Ex Governor of Kano state and Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Rabiu Kwankwoso as a preamble to launching of his presidential bid with full backing secretly both morally and financially by the Retired Generals led by Olusegun Obasanjo.

Also confirmed is Obasanjo ploy to use his friends still in the PDP to work against Abubakar Atiku interest and Presidential pursuit in favor of Sule Lamido or Shuakaru a onetime Kano state Governor and Minister of Education.

Attempts to reach out to PDP top leaders and senator Kwakwonso on his politic moves to Anambra days ago and Obasanjo’s influence in his political game plan was not possible as his media aides refuses to speak on Obasanjo’s topic



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