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Obasanjo on nation-wide consultation to stop Atiku’s presidential ambition



            *Visits ex -President Jonathan twice in two Weeks

           * Lobbying/trading his support  for PDP on  A Lamido, Tambuwal or Kwakwonso PDP  Presidential ticket 


ABUJA-Nigeria self-acclaimed perfectionist and ex-President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo seem unwillingly to leave the PDP which he claimed he has dumped for good alone as he is still lobbying and consulting desperately with the same party to have a say in who becomes not the presidential candidate of the biggest opposition Party in Nigeria.

Daily Watch investigations around Abuja and snippets from other parts of te Country has confirmed that the ex-President who vowed that he would have nothing to do with the PDP ever again seem to be secretly eating from his own vomit as he seem to be in a state of confusion over the speed and possibility of an Atiku candidate in the PDP.

Obasanjo, a retired military general, employing the military tactics of attack and defense in politics was seen in the homes of powerful Nigerians with some other  retired generals had vowed not to see an Atiku President in Nigeria is said to be as confused as many with the ease at which Abubakar Atiku without making noise seem to be making waves in the PDP despite all obstacles and opposition thrown his way.

According to investigations Abubakar Atiku seem to be hitting the bull eyes with his silent but steady consultations which has seen him winning the hearts of the South South, South East, South West and the  North Central PDP caucus towards actualizing his 2019 pursuit of getting the PDP Presidential ticket without making much noise.

According to Daily Watch investigations, it is this unusual and unique feat that is presently causing some kind of unease in the camp of the Retired Generals who are said to be bereft of any clear cut method to stop the Atiku’s Silent sailing in the PDP despite all efforts to sell the Lamido and Tambuwal option using some selected PDP members to make it through.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that it was part of the out laid ploy to stop an Atiku PDP presidential ticket that saw Obasanjo Visiting Jonathan twice in two Weeks, the same Jonathan he conspired against in the 2015 Presidential elections to help kill the Atiku dream by promising to trade his support and that of other Generals (RTD) for the PDP so far a  Sule Lamido or Tambuwal who would be made with Olusola Saraki to move to the PDP would emerge as the PDP Presidential candidate as against the Atiku who is said to have enjoyed a hundred percent support of Jonathan and most of he South South leaders.

How successful Obasanjo gallivanting to the ex president village home of Otuoke has been cannot be certain for now but what is a hundred percent certain is the zeal with which Obasanjo is going on with his anti Atiku campaign and consultations all over the country as if his life, future and generations of his unborn depends on it.

Daily Watch would certainly keep you informed of all shenanigans etc of the ex President vis a vis his anti Atiku stance as there unfold.

Attempts to seek the views of Atiku Media  team was not feasible as they have all gone mute despite several messages dispatched to them on the Obasanjo ploy.


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