Obasanjo finally soft pedals on Atiku presidential bid following think-tank report

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        *As retired Generals set to meet in the coming days on Atiku.

           *As OBJ may Dump Kwankwaso for Atiku if…

           *As Ex-President Political team confirm an only Atiku Ticket can unseat Buhari


ABUJA-The 2019 Political Milieu seems as confusing as the days gets on as the Political permutations, alignments and re-alignments seem to be changing and changing every passing second, minute, hour, day ,weeks and even months if the recent revelations in the country  is anything to judge.

Daily Watch shocking findings reveal a serious relaxation by Ex-President Obasanjo opposition to the Abubarkar Atiku political foray into the Aso Rock Villa following shocking findings of a political think thank set up by the Ex-President to establish the easiest and best candidate to stage an upset against Mohammadu Buhari in the 2019 elections.

Daily wach investigations confirmed that the said Think Thank was of the view after several months of touring,consulting and political forays that only a politician of Abubakar Atiku Standing can easily dwarf a man with some kind of cult figure in some part of the North in the 2019 race as others like Kwankwoso,Shakarau,Taminu etc would not be able to muster the political swavey to shake a Buhari from the Aso Rock Vialla.

This realisation is said to have not only jolted Obasanjo but has pushed him into making  a new decision to work with Atiku Abubakar if the man Buhari is to be sent out easily from the Villa.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that over six meets in the past days had been held between the Atiku Political family and that of Oulusegun Obasanjo with the intent to see if the Obasanjo Political force can in the distant future be pulled together to help propel the Atiku’s dream.

Daily wach findings confirmed that though both leaders have not personally meet on this new project,but followers of both have initiated several talks and meet  which would see both meeting in the very shortest possible time as Obasanjo is said to have soft pedaled on his vow that Atiku can never be President except over his death.

Attempts severally to speak to the Spokesperson of the Ex-President on the recent peace talk between Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar towards the 2019 presidential battle was not possible as all messages to Obasanjo’s Spokesperson was not responded to same for that of Atiku vibrant Media boys who all told daily Watch that in Politics any and everything is Possible.






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