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Obanikoro bags sainthood for moving from PDP to APC as Corruption cases to be dropped silently


LAGOS-As exposed by  Daily Watch several Weeks back about the APC lobbying
mechanism of Cajoling  many Accused PDP members to jump ship  as a way
to end their corruption related trial, Senator Muslimi Obanikoro one
of the PDP titans has  toed the line and bagged his sainthood for
moving to APC days ago..

Obanikoro who was declared wanted by the Economic and financial Crimes
Commissions(EFCC) when he fled Nigeria after the 2015 elections over
corruption related issues seem to have gotten himself purified as soon
as he agreed to move from the Peoples Democratic Party to the APC.

Daily Watch
investigations in Abuja and Lagos confirmed that Obanikoro
admittance from the club of thieves and looters for which the EFCC
Declared him wanted to Sainthood and Puritan started immediately he
signify his interest to jump ship to the Ruling APC which we reported
several months ago of Lobbying many opposition members to decamp to
and have their corruption cases stalled, killed or out rightly dropped
like the case of the ex-Governor of Bayelsa State Temipreye Sylvia.


Senator Obanikoro who  was several months back tried in the
Newspapers by the EFCC and convicted  for receiving several Billions
from the Ex Nation Security Adviser Colonel Sambo from which he was
said to have shifted some of the said Billions for the Election bid of
Governor Fayose of Ekiti state is now a Saint courtesy of the APC as
he is now a new Nigerian and all old Looting and thievery forgotten
and forgiven,

According to Daily Watch investigations Senator Obanekoro was bluntly
told to move to the APC and have his cases of looting killed  and
dumped with all money seized from  him returned or remain in the PDP
and face the harassment, disgrace and final humiliation in the hands
of the EFCC and Obanikoro  who is a smart Lagosian went for the humble
pie as he was said to have opted for Sainthood by moving from PDP to
APC and today Senator Obanikoro is no more corrupt but a distinguish
Nigerian of APC extraction.

Daily Watch
Already Daily Watch confirmed that the several Millions said to have
been returned to the EFCC by the Senator has been returned to him with
a promise of all his corruption related cases dying a natural death.

Daily Watch confirmed that the same threats, cajoling and carrot is
been presently Dangled at Senator Ayim Pius Ayim who is presently in
the detention of the EFCC for several corruption related issues for
which series of trials has commenced  in the Newspapers but not one
charge has been filed in the court of law with all the many evidences
the EFCC claimed to have gotten,
eyes in the EFCC confirmed that the former Senator and top
shot in the Jonathan administration has been told boldly to toe the
line of Sainthood by dumping the PDP for the APC and regains his
image, respect and freedom from prosecution and his continual
detention without administrative bail is because he has stocked to his
gun not to accede to the APC demands.

Attempts to speak to the Media aide of the APC chairman Odigie Oyegun
on the APC methodology in converting APC labelled criminals to
Sainthood once they move from the PDP to the APC was not possible as
his aides pleaded their incompetence to speak for their boss on such
sensitive issue.


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