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The North Grand Conspiracy against Atiku



SOKOTO-  Politics is said to be a game of plots, sub plots and super plots and
this seem to be the game playing out in the political life of one of
the most powerful and astute politician from the northern part of the
country in the person of Abubakar Atiku who today is facing the
greatest and the Grandest conspiracy ever in the history of Nigerian


Atiku’s political enemies seem to be on a upward swing compared to
past if the series of meetings and continual meetings in Abuja, Kaduna
and Kano is anything   to go by.

Before today, the most common, known  and outspoken enemy politically
of one of the greatest tactician from the North were just a limited
number of retired and stupendously rich military officers led by chief
Olusegun Obasanjo, but by today the list seem to have increased
geometrically to include extremist in the north, some old northern
politicians and some political stakeholders led by the outspoken,
controversial  and loquacious Alhaji Ango Abdullahi and some
traditional rulers in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Atiku’s problem with key Northern figures and traditional rulers seem
to be the same factor that has endeared him to the South West, South
South , North Central and the South East which is the issue of

Recently Atiku key selling point seem to be his new belief in the
restructuring of the country from the present status and this new
belief of the grand master of the Yar ‘adua political dynasty seem to
be creating more Problem for him in the north as diverse northern
group within the past one week has met in Abuja, Kaduna and Kano
plotting on modalities to kill the dream of Atiku Abubakar to become
President of Nigeria come 2019.

One of the notable group amongst the four groups said to be working
against Atiku in the North and  against the Atiku’s dream apart from
the retired Military group is said to be the  Concerned Northern
Elders led by Ango Abdullahi  who  incidentally met in Kaduna three
days ago to fashion out ways to kill the Atiku;s dream.

In the meeting the group was said to have totally condemned Atiku
repeated mantra of restructuring and classified it as a sell out by
Atiku to the South. The Group was much pissed off by the Atiku
restructure Mantra which they not only  see as a mantra that is
against the interest of the core North which is totally against any
form of restructuring as they prefer the Status quo .


But as a betrayal and gimmick by Atiku to get the South’s support. According to the leader of the Group Alhaji Ango Abdulllahi ‘Ätiku can never be
President of Nigeria if he thinks taking sides to call northerners who
does not support restructuring as lazy people to win support of the
Southerners and insulting his brother Northerners in the process
would get him the support of the South for the 2019 presidency, he
must be a fool and extremely stupid as the North would block him

In the words of Abdullahi ‘‘the North would work to see that Atiku
never in his life time taste the Presidency of Nigeria’’ as he
literarily called him a desperado for power.

Already, several meetings are said to have been held in Kano , Kaduna
and Abuja in which several top Northern traditional rulers were said
to have been co -opted into the Anti Atiku propaganda with the intent
of killing him politically in the north for his support of
restructuring of Nigeria.

Daily watch
investigations around the diverse seat of traditional
power in the north confirmed that the anti Atiku propaganda as a sell
out to the south and one not good enough to protect the North is been
churned out daily to destroy totally Atiku;s credibility politically
in the north despite is sowing personality in all other regions   in
Nigeria for speaking truthfully on the restructure Mantra.
How the Combined efforts of the traditional institutions in the
North, the northern extremist\pro status  of Nigeria groups and the
retired military group would fuse in the anti Atiku ‘War’ would be
seen as days go by.



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