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NNPC house of corruption as another secret account exposed



                 *Secretly exempted from the single TSA system to aide pilfering

                *Funding /withdrawal known to specific few in NNPC/Presidency


ABUJA-Stories and tales of monumental frauds, loot, secret   and fraudulent withdrawals, accounts etc seem to be the other of the day in the Present Buhari’s administration which shockingly prides itself as the lord in the war against corruption.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed the expose of another secret account the Nigerian National Corporation (NNPC) uses  and known to some select few in the top echelon of the NNPC and Nigeria Government.

The Account which is again exempted from the single treasury account system is run like a scam like methodology with no one knowing how budgetary allocations goes into the account and through whom or how it its expanded.

According to Daily Watch findings ,the account which is  domiciled with the First Bank under NNPC/AGIP Oil Company IPP and has  a security address in Gharki, Herbert Macaulay Way and account number 2006567288 with an initial opening balance of 31.2 billion Naira and a closing account of 3.76 billion as at April 2017.

Daily Watch investigations also confirmed that the Nigeria Senate is already aware of this and several other accounts said to have been shrouded by the Presidency and  a select few in the NNPC top management from the TSA account and all operations and financial transactions in these accounts on it known to some special few in the NNPC and Presidency.

Attempts to reach out to the President Media team was strangely futile but the media aide to the senate president confirmed the existence of certain accounts in that name which according to him would be under the Senate Probe In the days agead.



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